This series will explore the practical aspects of parenting a child on the autism spectrum. Don't forget you can find practical tips on my other pages as well.

The IEP and that one important forgotten issue-BE POSITIVE
Inside that Special Needs Village: whom to listen to and whom to ignore
Getting Ready for IEP Season
 "Science" of Autism-Who Gives a Crap-Practical is What Counts
Not Becoming an Autism-Only Family
When to Tell Your Aspergean They are an Aspie 
When Your Child is Hyperactive, What is it Really 
Setting Goals and Expectations 
Teaching Your Child to Think for Themselves 
Chores, Preparing Your Child for the Future 
Harnessing Those Obsessions 
Helping Your Child Survive the Political Season 
You and Your Child Have a Right to Dream 
Transitioning into a New Semester 
Remembering to Keep on Top of Social Skills and Behavior 
OCD Meltdowns and School Behavior 
Job Interview Skills 
"Go Big or Go Home," Teaching Your Children How to Have a "Big Life" 
21 is Easier than 10 
Transitions, Practice and Eventually a Smile 
Teeth Brushing and Face Washing
New School Year and New Ideas for Support
Mindblindness, Obstinancy, Aspies and Adolescence 
Sibling Relationships and Mindblindness 
Sportsmanship and Mindblindness 
Manners, Etiquette and Social Convention 
Generalizing the Specifics
Scheduling those Last Open-ended Weeks of Summer
Talking about ESY
Transition Sucks...Just Saying 
Review and Reset
Motivation by a Mentor
Flexibility and Reality 
Entitlement, Self-Esteem, Self-Importance 
Transitioning Out of K-12 
Employment: What is too much support and what is not enough 
Q is for Queuing; Airport Security, Preparations, Social Stories, Melting Down in Front of the Vice President's Wife
Getting Your Aspergean to Invest in their Appearance 
Executive Functioning 
Find information on Assistive Technology 
Decision Making Style and Your Child's Future 
Should Your Autistic Child Learn a Second Language