Coordinating a Special Needs Village

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Creating a Village: America and the New Semester

It Takes a Village Part Deux

A successful village
[Adapted from The School-Home Connection, by Rosemary A. Oleander, Jacqueline Elias, Rosemary D. Mastroleo, 2010, Corwin Press, Inc.]

1.     The village is about the child, but the family dynamics is very important to a successful program.
2.     Communication is key.
3.     The information coming from the school, the therapists, the doctors and the parents must all be user-friendly.
4.     Be proactive.
5.     Don’t be afraid to incorporate your family’s uniqueness (culture, religion, ethnicity).


Aspects of a Special Needs Village: Parenting and Practice 

Aspects of a Special Needs Village: Communication, a Two-way Channel 

Aspects of a Special Needs Village: Conflict Management 

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