Monday, July 20, 2015

Practical Information for Pre-K through Elementary School

The ages for this page are from 3 years to 11 years,  or preschool through 6th grade. Of course, much of what is discussed below can apply to older children as well, simply add some tweaks to accommodate for the age differences. (There is another page collating posts for adolescents through high school, and post-secondary.) Also don't forget to click on the Tabs in the sidebar for more information on specific topics.

 The Hero's Journey: Autism and Your Child


So we change our dreams: life with an autistic child

Never Give Up and Never Give In 

When to Tell Your Aspergean They Are Aspies

Inside the Special Needs Village (read the SPECIAL NEEDS VILLAGE tab for articles and links to help organize your child's special needs village)
PTSD and the Autism-Warrior-Parent

Some Straightforward Parenting Advice 

Beware the Oracles of Doom

It's the Typical Stuff that Gets You

Sojourn Through Parental Types

Tell Those who Say Your Child Can't to "Suck It"

The Importance of Role Models

Fighting the Good Fight or Pick Your Battles there May Be Many 

Becoming the Guide in the Land of the Lost-Not What You Think

Don't Call Them Boys with Aspergers, Call Them Boys 

Charlatans, Autism and the Reality of What Helps

Embracing Your Inner Bitch: Dealing with Bullying and IEPs

Advocacy-Your Present Job, Your Child's Future Job

Freedom, Safety and Parental Peace of Mind

Y is for YOU

The Right to Say No

Reminding Yourself about Happiness 

Holidays-Permission Granted Celebrate as You Please

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War


After the DX: Sadness or Terror? I think terror with alot of pissed off thrown in

The Guide to the Perplexed

IEP and Goals
Getting Ready for IEP Season (read more articles at the ADVOCACY tab)

Of Homework, Sociologists and Parenting  (multiple links for additional homework support)

Setting Goals and Expectations

Talking about ESY

Self-Contained to the Future

Working with the School-Really It Can Happen

Watching Over the Teachers

Infantilization and School Supports

When You Want to Throttle the Teacher


Review and Reset 

Standardized Testing: Blessing, Curse, Somewhere Inbetween

Practical Pointers 

Generalizing the Specifics


Sensory Issues While Growing Up

Social Stories, Purpose and Use
Chores and Preparing for the Future

Art of Conversation

Pragmatic Speech

Social Stories

Setting Goals and Expectations
Schedules, Oasis, Rules and Love

Scheduling Those Last Open-Ended Weeks of Summer 
Teaching Your Child to Think for Themselves

Self-esteem: It's not a Trophy, It's Reality 

Teeth Brushing and Face Washing

A is for Accountability (read all posts from the AUTISM A to Z page)

F is for Foreseeable

Entitlement, Self-esteem and Privilege: teaching the differences is called parenting (additional embedded links)

On-line trolls, IRL Trolls, Cyberbullying and the ability to block (bullying program links)

"Science of Autism"-Who Gives a Crap-Practical is What Counts 

Harnessing Those Obsessions


Manners Etiquette and Social Convention

Channeling Robert Deniro and Other Social Issues

OCD Meltdowns and School Behavior

Speech out of sync for many with autism

Sassy Mouth


G is for Gamesmanship

Mindblindness and Obstinacy

Mindblindness and Sportsmanship

The Trick is to not be the Asshole

Flexibility and Reality

Taking a Giant Step Forward and a Baby Step Back: An Autistic's Real Life Game of Mother-May-I

No Retreat and No Surrender; Getting Your Child to Act like Britain Under Churchill

From Few Words, to One Kvetchy Kid