Monday, March 9, 2015

Video Game Play as Therapy

 I have written before about the benefits of general video game play.

 Video Games-Purpose and Yes-Importance

Video Games Can Actually be Good for You

Now comes a story whereby the medical world is catching on to what we warrior-parents have really known for a while. If used properly, video games can be another weapon in your therapy-armory.


New York News

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) - Video games have gotten a bad rap for keeping our kids chained to the TV all day. But now, a special video game is being developed to help children and adolescents with autism. 
It is called "Evo" and it is being studied to see if game-based therapy helps improve brain function and motor skills. It works by targeting kids' attention, focus and problem solving skills.
Alex Siri, 16, has autism and is non-verbal. His dad, Ken, says the iPad changed their lives.
The video game, from Akili Interactive Labs, isn't available yet. 
The company is testing out the game in clinical trials later this year. 
The international advocacy organization Autism Speaks is funding the trials. 
The results will be given to the FDA, which could ultimately give the video game the green light, as a medical device. 
If so, Evo would be the first mainstream therapeutic video game on the market. 
The impact the video game has on the brain may eventually also be able to replace some medications.

Note: While I know some of you will be offended that this research is funded by Autism Speaks, please simply look at the hoped for result and not who is paying the bills. If all goes well, this concept may end up being a new level of support for many people, which may in turn lead to a new level of  self-empowerment for those who have had no choice but to be completely dependent.