Saturday, May 5, 2012

Social Stories; Scheduling (Transition): Pragmatic Speech

Here is a list of some of my favorite posts dealing with social stories, schedules and pragmatic speech. The resources at the bottom of this page are a basic place to start. Turn to the Helpful Websites on this blog for further information.

Social Stories,  Purpose and Use
Social Stories: Behavior Lessons
Of Triggers, Charts, Scheduling and Perspectives
Generalizing the Specifics
Sportsmanship and Mindblindness
Mindblindness, Obstinancy
Sibling Relationships and Mindblindness
Talking About ESY
Back to School Transition and Perspective
Transition Sucks...Just Saying
Review and Reset
The Art of Conversation
Appropriateness and the Greater Society
Politics, Hitchcock, and Patience or Raise Your Damn Hand
Manners, Etiquette and Social Convention
Fractal Moles, Unanswered Emails and a Totally Inappropriate Parental Response
Pragmatic Speech, the Autistic Mind and Telling Your Professor He is Wrong
Sassy Mouth
Self-Esteem: It's Not a Trophy, It's Reality
"Science" of Autism-Who Gives a Crap-Practical is What Counts

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: Pragmatic Speech
The Gray Center: Social Stories
Circle of Friends 
Executive Functioning

Remember. never forget to ask your service providers questions. You have a right to require answers and progress reports.

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