Musings for Autism-Warrior-Parents

These posts are some of my thoughts when it comes to dealing with autism and your life. These posts are not so much about your child as about you. Please remember to dance.....

The Original Intent of this Blog Rejoined
After the Dx:Sadness or Terror? I Think Terror with Alot of Pissed Off Thrown In
30 Years and Counting...Marriage and Raising Autistic Children
Remember Don't Lose Yourself or Forget Your Ability to Think
Taking Care of You
Only Your Opinion Counts
The Message in Your Way
It's the Typical Stuff that Finally Gets You
Life May Suck But You Are Still a Human Being
Tell Those Who Say Your Child Can't To Suck It
Neurodiversity Nonsense
The Week That Was Versus the Week That could Have Been 
A Rose By Any Other Name, The Right to Define Oneself 
Apologizing for Accepting Your Child, Quirks and All, Why? 
Some Straightforward Parenting Advice
Reflections on Parenting
Parenting is Your Job, It Does Not Belong to Madison Avenue 
Find the Positive in Your World