Sunday, December 4, 2016

Book Review: The Devlin Quick Mysteries-Into the Lion's Den by Linda Fairstein

You may know of Linda Fairstein from her popular and intriguing Alexander Cooper mystery series. Always interesting, and full of surprises, Fairstein keeps us on our toes when it comes to the genre of who-done-its and legal thrillers. Bringing into play her career in the Manhattan DAs office, what Fairstein does for the adult mystery enthusiasts, she now does for readers ages 8-12. Welcome to her new series starring young heroine Devlin Quick in  Into the Lion's Den.

A rambunctious, precocious, adorable teenager Devlin, or Dev for short, uses her wits to find the man her friend Liza, saw steal a page out of a very rare map book at the New York Public Library. It all begins with an exciting chase through the streets of midtown Manhattan as our heroine tries to keep an eye on this dangerous miscreant. It doesn't take our intrepid detectives long to find out that this is not the first time our thief has struck.

So begins the readers travels through the boroughs and libraries of New York City, as well as travailing the ins and outs of the vaulted 1PP, or One Police Plaza. The home of New York City's Police Commissioner. Who just happens to be Dev's mom.

As is Fairstein's style the reader is not only gifted with an interesting and sometimes illusionary mystery, but are exposed to some interesting facts along the way. Since this is a story surrounding libraries, and the New York City police department, young readers partake of information about beloved authors, forensic analysis, and stories of police departments past. In fact the book's mystery itself, is taken from a real life crime story that became a major cause celebre.

If you have an avid reader, or want to spark that reader within your pre-teen child, this book is a fun place to start. For both young girls and boys it provides a well written intelligent, forthright, honest and descent role model replete with a fact infused intriguing mystery. For parents this is a book that will excite your young reader, and teach them the lessons of sticktoitiveness, honesty, and friendship. This is an enjoyable yarn for all.