Monday, November 28, 2016

Rogue One, the Simplicity of Right versus Wrong; Don't forget #GivingTuesday

There is something simple about stories where you can tell the good side from the bad. You know who the enemy is and you know that they need to be defeated.

Too much in today's world is gray.

Why anyone would send out condolences for Castro, one of the worst human rights abusers of the 20th century, shows that there are moral and ethical fibers missing among some people today.

Western governments do nothing to help those trapped in Aleppo, after almost 500,000 have been killed and millions displaced during the Syrian war. They let the mass slaughter by Russia, Iran and Assad go unabated, and unchecked, with merely an 140 count tweet to admonish the genocide.

Meanwhile, the United Nations seats Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and other third world tyrannies on the Human Rights Council. Allowing the worst of humanity to oversee themselves.

So thank the stars above, for Hollywood. At least we can fictionalize our feelings. It allows us to hope that somewhere in the universe, there are leaders that can actually lead.

In truth most of us do know right from wrong, good from bad, and righteousness from evil. But we are at a loss on how to implement these tenets on a global scale.

But we still can give something for those less fortunate....

On Giving Tuesday you can help the Syrian refugees HERE

And on Giving Tuesday of course REMEMBER the needy closer to home.

Don't forget that there are millions who live with food insecurity in the USA....Food Banks, Donors Choose (to help teachers with projects), Shelters for battered women, ASPCA, autism organizations that actually help autistics, cancer/AIDS/medical charities...the list is endless, because need in our world is never ending.

Use Charity Navigator to make certain a charity is worth your dollars.

So in an era of political uncertainty and upheaval, I enjoy knowing that "Long Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away" someone knew right from wrong....

And yes even though I am the only Star Wars fanatic in the family, all the mens in the house consented to go with me.... Can't wait.