Sunday, October 18, 2015

Woohoo... I can't wait for the new Star Wars movie

The latest poster for the new Star Wars movie.

And yes, I'm the fan-woman. In my house there are no fan-boys, or fan-men for that fact  .....but I think they will relent and go with me to see it. At least Mr. YM says he is looking forward to the movie and Mr. GS2 says he might actually go too.

By the by, if they wont go with me, I am definitely going alone. Heh.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Importance of Working Memory

Little is really discussed about the issue of working memory. This is what helps us all make sense of the world. It is something each and everyone of us needs in order to function fully in society. It is also, in many instances, something our children struggle with accessing on a daily basis. Here is an interesting discussion about what it does and why.

From TED

Peter Doolittle is a professor of educational psychology in the School of Education at Virginia Tech, where he is also the executive director of the Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research. He teaches classes such as Cognition and Instruction, Constructivism and Education, Multimedia Cognition and College Teaching, but his research mainly focuses on learning in multimedia environments and the role of "working memory." 

Doolittle has taught educational psychology around the world. He is the executive editor of the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and the co-executive editor of the International Journal of ePortfolio.