Wednesday, August 19, 2015

When you refuse to give into bullies and hate...."Champion"

This song is on the latest album of the hip-hop reggae former Hasidic-Jew, but still religious, Jewish-American Matisyahu, formerly known as Mathew Miller. Matisyahu was disinvited from a reggae festival in Spain. He was singled out by the festival as their only Jewish participant and was required to sign a pledge supporting a Palestinian State if he wanted to perform. He refused to give into the antisemitic aims of those who would demonize the Jewish people. HERE  and Read a synopsis of the entire sordid affair HERE.

The festival was castigated by not only world Jewish organizations, but Spanish newspapers and most importantly by the Spanish government for their antisemitism. The festival apologized, saying they were "bullied by anti-Israel politicos." It is important to note that the Spanish government partially funds the festival. They asked Matisyahu to please perform at his previously allotted time. Right now he has not responded. Read HERE.

Matisyahu is not Israeli. And even if he were so what? Is every American, European, Russian, Moslem, responsible for every policy, belief, or act promoted by their government or religious leaders? Read what the US State Department considers antisemitism HERE 

WSJ on the controversy

Creative Community for Peace  and HERE

What a weak-kneed and weak-willed bullcrap response from the festival organizers. Noone can make you support and promote antisemitism. Noone can make you hold Jews out as different from other peoples on the Earth. Noone can make you see the Jewish People as  the Other. Noone can make you hold the only Jewish State to rules, laws and obligations that you hold no other nation on Earth. Noone can make you give into bullies, every middle school child knows that.

So why is this important to autism? Do you really think that someone who promotes bigotry against Jews, would have any sympathy or love for any person who is different on any level? Remember the Nazis, before they began the Holocaust in full force, experimented to find the best killing method on the disabled.

Meanwhile, here is a song from Matisyahu's latest album. It is called Champion.

Remember to fight the fights that are important. 

 You Fight the Fights that are Worth Fighting.

Social Justice, Humanity and Autism

UPDATE: Matisyahu said that he will perform at the festival Saturday night as previously scheduled. He thanked the world for its support.