Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Legend Change and an Update

If you have been a constant reader of this blog, you may notice some updates in the LEGEND section of the sidebar. CM2 has graduated and been accepted into a Masters program in Communication. So now he is Mr.GS2, or Mr. Graduate Student 2. He has chosen his new classes, contacted the disability office, and is starting to look forward to this new experience. Many people find it ironic that a young person with aspergers who has been diagnosed with a speech delay and other communication issues such as auditory processing and language processing, would want to study "Communication," but that is Mr.GS2. He, my self-proclaimed Social-justice-warrior, has it in his head that he can fight the world's ills by learning how to communicate ideas and thoughts to others. Sounds reasonable to me.

In truth, neither of the boys have ever stood down from a fight. When it became rough, they met the challenge head on and persevered. I suppose this is going to be an interesting  experience for Mr.GS2. He is definitely going to be taken out of his comfort zone. In the meantime, he has set his goal. There is no doubt in my mind that he will attain it.

Furthermore, Mr.GS was awarded his Masters in Science in May and has begun the process of transitioning into an adult life. He has gone from being Mr. GS to Mr. Young Man, or Mr.YM.
As you may have read though in an earlier blog post, that process for Mr.YM is not going very smoothly. Not because he does not want to get out into the world and be independent, but unfortunately for that to happen a person needs a descent job. It is an issue facing so many of our young people in today's day and age. Read that  post:

A New Transition Issue that Applies to Everyone

Right now,  Mr.YM is working on projects at the School Lab and building a portfolio. He is going to learn job skills, organization, and team work. Something they would teach you at an entry level position, just those positions don't really exist anymore apparently. Brilliant-computer-sis, told me that the field is a ridiculously competitive place right now and we need to have patience. Let him work on projects that showcase his potential to employers and just give it time. I have no issue in giving it time, as long as Mr.YM learns what he needs to learn. The question is what is the next step for him and how do we get him there? I suppose we will figure it out when we get there. For now, though, he needs to access this internship and the opportunities it allows him to the best of his ability.

On another note: since so many of his peers are living at home with their parents, in fact in NY State where we live, the number is somewhere around 65% in his age group living at home, he doesn't stand out.

I'm not certain what this means for his social skills though. He is loathe to ask out anyone on a date. In his own words," I live at home, don't have a job and no money right now. Who would date me?" We tried to explain to him that most young people are in his position right now. That it doesn't matter. But he is determined to work at getting out on his own and becoming independent before he takes the next social step. He was always an all or nothing sort when it came to his work, I suppose that it has continued. We would like for him to meld the two, but as with everything else, he marches to his own time-frame.