Monday, May 25, 2015

What is OCD? Myths and Reality


Additional Resources for you to Explore 
OCD is a complex disorder. While the causes of OCD remain unknown, there are a host of resources available for families and professionals to learn more about this complex disorder. For example, the International OCD Foundation website has a plethora of resources available including a directory of professionals who specialize in OCD as well as support groups for individuals and families. The video gallery at Beyond OCD’s website has a number of experts discussing various issues related to the disorder. Watch and listen for some expert opinions on OCD.

Given that OCD tends to be highly comorbid with other anxiety disorders, the Anxiety and Depression Association of American website also offers a wealth of information and resources including podcasts and fact sheets on a number of anxiety disorders and treatment options available. For example, here is a podcast on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Psychopharmacology for OCD. Listen and learn! You can also check out Natascha Santos’ blog (the educator who wrote this lesson!) for additional resources. Interested in listening to an interview with this educator? Go to eHealth Radio which includes several interviews with Dr. Santos on anxiety disorders including OCD.

Think you may have OCD? Try taking this screening quiz. Lastly, here is a list of online OCD resources that may provide more insight into this disorder and answer some of your questions.