Friday, May 8, 2015

Celebrating Mom This Mother's Day

Those who follow me on Facebook know that I lost my mother several weeks ago due to injuries suffered in a car accident. So this Mother's Day is rather poignant and honestly sad for me. But I could not let the day go by without telling the world about who Mom was, and what she had accomplished.

You see Mom was raised in the era of Mad Men. She was a secretary in the office of the General Counsel of CBS. Today they would call her a paralegal, but then, secretary was it. She always talked about how noone ever encouraged her to go to college or pursue a career on her own, unlike her brothers, who her parents pushed to pursue higher education. She was raised simply to be a wife and mother, and that was it. Now there is nothing wrong with being a wife and mother. heck that is what I have chosen. But it was more the idea that that was all she was supposed to be; her desires and needs sublimated to those around her.

Mom was also a young adult when the world began to change. Women were learning that they did not have to be lesser than or unimportant in the world. Women were learning that they too could demand the right  to be anything they wanted to be. So a young mother of daughters was determined in life to make sure her daughters did have a choice as to their own future. That they would control the world around them and when they made choices they would be educated choices.  She ended up with a lawyer; a gemologist; a brilliant-computer-WhateverTheHeckSheDoesWithTechnologyIHaveNoIdeaButItsAmazingSiS.

Mom was the rock of our little family. Whatever mission my father was on, Mom was right there supporting him. She worked hand-in-glove to help Dad accomplish all that he had done. (Read  A Righteous Man My Father). There is the absolute truth that Dad could not have accomplished all the good that he had done in his life if it were not for the support of Mom. As she had said to him at one point," not bad for two little kids from the Bronx..."

Mom finally got tired of living alone after Dad passed and  last week she had agreed to sell their house and move in with me, Wise Old Sage and the two boys. I told her to take the money from the sale of the house and go travel, see her other children and be free to do as she pleases without having to worry about overhead. I told her it was OK to enjoy her life and I would make sure that she did. Heck, I told her there was a gym nearby where she could even take water aerobics...."You think of everything," she see, I wasn't taking "No" for an answer.

But in the end,,, Man plans and God laughs......

What do you say about your mother in the end? What is it that I will miss the most; The hour long chats by Facetime; The laughter and silliness that we used to share; How she listened to me complain....even about my sisters; When she told me every time we hung up that she loved me? I think in the end what I will miss is her....simply her.

My parents on their wedding day.

My parents on their wedding day.

Brilliant-computer-sis, mom and me

Telegram inviting my parents to the signing of the Camp David Accords. My father was an adviser to the Carter Administration on the Holocaust and wrote the original proposal for the US Holocaust Museum.

Mom in the Golan, on one of her trips to Israel.

My father being sworn in to his Reagan Presidential Appointment to the State Department.

Mom and her Maltese, Chaiya, on her birthday this past November 2014. Don't worry the doggie lives with us now.

My parent's wedding song