Saturday, March 28, 2015

So Apparently @IAmSteveHarvey Thinks He's Cool Making Fun of Special Needs

I saw this video on facebook and thought I would share. Maybe if enough people ask Steve Harvey why he thinks it's cool to make fun of developmentally disabled people he might provide us an answer.

Published on Mar 26, 2015
Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT - I really want this to go as far as it can go!
Steve Harvey may not see it, nor even care to hear what I am saying, but there are TONS of people who need to hear this!
My phone stopped recording before I was done, but you get the point. (You didn't miss anything in the end; just me crying before getting out of my car.)
Please help me spread the word to ALL comedians/comedienne's that this practice is extremely hurtful to many members of the Special Needs community!
There has GOT to be other material out here!
I don't even attend comedy shows anymore because I know that I'm going to hear foolishness like this from at least one comedian.
It has got to stop!
Thanks for listening.

From the marvelousdekeda