Saturday, March 21, 2015

Children's Book Review: ELLA- A cheeky parody

Let me begin by saying that I adored this book. It is Eloise for today's child. ELLA, a child of color, lives in a hipster hotel in Brooklyn. She has a working mom, a Manny with tattoo sleeves and is surrounded by some of the coolest and most inventive people around. Ella is also a modern child who recycles, reclaims and is very very aware of the world around her. 

When she is not doing yoga, she plays with her dachshund Stacie and her goldfish Rasta. She has two American Girl dolls, who are free to be themselves. She understand how to take good care of herself  from flossing to Zumba to drum circles and mani/pedis. She is home-schooled by a Phd Student and even writes her own memoir-journal. And needlesstosay, as a very modem hip little girl, she has her own on-line store where she sells her artistic wares. Her mother, of course, wants her to go to an Ivy.....

She is engaged and helpful in her hotel. She goes to fashion-forward events, plans date-nights for her my ponies, and finds some rather interesting things to do with edamame. She gets to travel around the world with her mother on private planes.

But the thing she likes best in the world is video chatting with her mom and her rainbow bed adorned with little dark chocolates at night. Meanwhile, when she can't sleep, she enjoys sneaking up to the hotel rooftop and looking into the neighbors windows and seeing life as it unfolds. She wonders about the big-world out there.

Ella is that precocious, engaging child that you love. A young girl exploring the world around her and growing to understand the interesting adults in her milieu.

Do I think this is a book for the average child? YES, definitely. In fact if nothing else it will begin conversations about today's issues and maybe even help you come up with some fun ideas so you and your child can go exploring together.

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From the author's website (Mallory Kasdan):

She has a nanny called Manny. He has tattoos for sleeves and he might go in with some guys to buy a grilled cheese truck. Sometimes Ella weaves purses out of Ziploc bags and reclaimed twine. (She is artsy of course.)
She has a dog named Stacie and a fish named Rasta and a scooter which is important for getting everywhere she needs to be.
Altogether she has been to 62 events including that Hillary Clinton fundraiser. She is NEVER bored. If Ella and Kay Thompson’s Eloise got together for a play date, they would have a very good time indeed.

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