Thursday, January 8, 2015

UPDATED: Major @CNN international anchor Jim Clancy @clancycnn has antisemitic and antidisability meltdown

Yesterday was a terrible day for freedom of the press. 12 people at Charlie Hebdo were slaughtered by Islamo-fascists in the heart of Paris. But what also occurred was Twitter and its expression of freedom, enlightenment and the world standing up for liberty. Unfortunately though that was conjoined, of course, with the occasional racist nutbag. But you know that is also freedom of speech. It's not agreeing with everything everyone says, it's just allowing the ignorant to show themselves full throttle at times.

Meanwhile veteran international CNN reporter Jim Clancy took offense to how people were describing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. He was called out by numerous experts on the issue of the Middle East (who just happened to be Jewish) that his analysis was incorrect. In response he decided to attack them as pro-Israel propagandists. He used the term hasbarist, which is employed by antisemites to attempt to deflect from facts in discussing Middle East issues. Not because pro-Israel discussion isn't termed hasbara, but because the antisemties insinuate that those who support Israel only do so because they are in the employ of the Israeli government, or part of a greater worldwide Jewish conspiracy (I kid you not). By the way, that was also part of Clancy's meltdown. (read the Israellycool link below for the complete tirade.) Meanwhile, Clancy it seems was a speaker at a Jordanian terror supporting journalism school.

To read  the complete twitter exchange and meltdown go to Israellycool HERE.

Here is a partial screencap:

Mind you "Israel, Jews, Judaism, antisemitism,"  had nothing to do with the discussion ab initio, or with what happened at the Charlie Hebdo offices. The discussion was about an analysis of the anti-Mohammed cartoons in question. It seems that Jim Clancy has no ability to admit his own malfeasance. In fact, since I tweeted CNN to check out his time line, it also appears I have been blocked by the anchor.

Interestingly as well, in the ensuing twitter meltdown by Clancy, he happened to also tweet this little anti-disability gem:

Very good CNN...this is someone you choose to bring us news analysis. Really? Really?

UPDATE: Clancy has left CNN HERE. Sadly there was no apology, no acknowledgment of what happened not by Clancy nor CNN.