Monday, December 1, 2014

What do you do when celebrities make fun of mental health issues?

Just so my readers don't think I only have words for liberals when they pick on people with mental health, or developmental disabilities. (Autism-Meme as Political Insult, Again) Here is an embedded tweet chat that I had with the conservative author Dana Loesch. Needlesstosay she was not amendable to my asking her not to make fun of mental health issues.

Background: last week a woman with an emotional support pig was removed from an airplane since the animal was not appropriately behaved and started to defecate on the plane. I have no issue with removing the pig. Safety and hygiene are what is paramount on a plane. What I object to is that to some people the idea of an emotional support pig is something to joke about.

We in the special needs community know that emotional support animals are essential to the well being of not only our autistic children, but to any number of persons dealing with mental health issues and especially veterans suffering from PTSD. Emotional support animals can be any animal that the doctor and the patient decide it to be. It's not always only a dog.



No, I never heard from her on this subject again (she has made sure I can't follow her anymore) and in fact Twitchy seems to think her tweet won the internet. I had already written a scathing comment to Twitchy's  first laugh about the emotional support pig. Compassionate conservatives by tuchas.