Thursday, November 6, 2014

One Righteously Crappy Day in the First World

And it has nothing to do with autism. It was just life.

Well, in truth, it wasn't too bad to begin with. In fact it had begun rather pleasantly.

I actually got almost 8 hours of sleep... uninterrupted. I know. I felt like having a parade. But I made myself something special to drink not a Bellini cocktail. It was Thursday morning afterall, not Sunday brunch (really you lushes)....I made myself hazelnut coffee. I felt rather naughty to tell the truth. Which only goes to show you how boring my life really is. Plenty of tension, and nothing all that exciting to speak of.

From there I downloaded some reading material for my new business...which I will discuss at a later date. I found alot of information on Google scholar.

Had a nice little chat with my college roommate about certain issues pertaining to my boys, again having nothing to do with autism (for a change) and then the workmen began to show up.

Home issues seem to come all at once and I decided that if I was going to wait at home for repairmen I might as well schedule everything for the same day. And they all were even supposed to show up within the same span of two hours. Of course, it didn't exactly work out that way, since they got delayed at other jobs, but I was home anyway waiting on a delivery so it didn't really matter.

Telephone issues from the power outage over the weekend.
Boiler issues from the generator from the power outage over the weekend.
Shut down the air conditioning system.
Consignor picked up items I was going to sell.

So what happened and what was my major issue? MrGS' main computer completely crashed. And I don't mean started to act out and be rather obnoxious. I mean downright decided to do a hula,

the macarena 

and STOMP 

on my very calm day.  I spent at least four hours on the phone with tech support. And in the end they decided to send me a new operating system disc, so we can erase the entire operating system and start from scratch. Since they like to remotely access your computer, they apparently made a mistake and deleted something they should not have after they logged onto my computer...ooopsiedaisie. In fact, the person who had made the oppsie delete at the time said he didn't do anything wrong and had no idea why the computer stopped accessing wifi and he would have to consult with his supervisor and call me back within the hour. So two hours later I called them back....( I can't stand people who don't own up to their own mistakes). Oh and I got to pay for this nonsense too.

Luckily MrGS took it all in stride. He does have access to a laptop so he didn't have to stop his work and now the biggest issue is moving his important files to that laptop so he can continue his projects. Oh yeah and saving all his files that are important.

And in between everything I am caring for a rather old wheaton terrier who I am certain has some form of doggie dementia. Meanwhile, he still runs to greet people at the door, eats his dinner and barks at noises. But at the same time is a danger to himself because he wanders. (We have to crate him at night  because during a wandering  episode, when everyone was asleep, he got himself tangled underneath CM2's desk. He couldn't extricate himself and tried to chew his way out...very bad scene in the morning when we woke up. He doesn't make  a loud noise when he barks, because of larynx surgery he had two years ago, so we didn't hear him upstairs on the second floor.) Yep now I have to worry about the dog wandering. And yes we have an electric fence, for when he goes outside, but I am afraid his electric collar is too heavy for his neck along with his regular collar so I took the shock collar off. Truly do I want him shocked anyway at 14 1/2 yrs old? It's not like he has the energy to run after cars and if he did wander, he doesn't move very fast, so he wouldn't get far. Oh, and yes, I never send him outside by himself. Someone always watches.

So I am not certain in reality why I am so frazzled. There were no meltdowns, no sensory issues, no school issues and no real problems. Just the everyday ordinary things that life holds for people. It's the typical stuff that finally gets you. And yes, I know that my problems are truly first world issues.

Once when my SIL had told me about an episode that ruined her trip to her hair salon she embarrassingly apologized for her first world issue. I told her that she shouldn't apologize. Our issues are real and when you look forward to something you are entitled to enjoy that few minutes you get to pamper yourself.

So no autism issues, no school problems, no trip to the ER,  no sick human being for whom I can't afford medical care, no hungry children that I can't feed, no war or bombs dropping overhead, no real trauma  of anykind. But in true spoiled first world form, I suppose I was looking forward to a quiet afternoon, writing for NaNoWriMo, working on my business brochure and reading literature to keep up to date with my new business.

I am reminded of that old saying..."Man plans and God laughs"...well God certainly laughed at me today...probably laughed himself silly....every once in a while hashem decides to teach me a lesson or I think was such a day. Read: The Message in Your Way

Anyway,  after a glass of wine, and looking back at my spoiled grumpiness... I see simply what a good day I really did have.