Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy 21 Years

CM2 won't let me sing him "Happy Birthday." So in honor of his 21st year I am posting this Beatles homage (below) to my  "birthday boy."

Well we started the festivities last night. We began with the birthday cake. Kelly-green icing. His favorite color since he was a very little boy. Years ago we started this tradition since hubby always worked close to 18 hour days (the life of a lawyer), never thought it was fair to have the boys wait until almost 9 pm on their birthday to have their cake. Wanted us to all be together for the celebration. So we did the birthday cake part of the day the night before (and presents too when they didn't order their own). Of course, being Jewish it's not hard to segway into that idea. Every Jewish holiday starts the night before.

Tonight is part deux of the celebration. We will have Chinese food for dinner. Since he is particular about his presents, I let him go onto Amazon and order what he wants (games of course). The best part is that he has Amazon wrap them in birthday paper for him. It's a birthday present afterall .....He also timed it so they arrive on his day. BTW- he is also the only 21 year old that I know of who doesn't want to have an alcoholic drink to celebrate his 21st birthday. He wants his usual....chocolate milk. Gotta love this "officially an adult, for every purpose" youngman.