Friday, October 17, 2014

Kicking Butt, Taking Names...and Sending a Nice Thank You Note

This Internet meme..Kicking butt, taking names and sending a nice thank you note...made me think of autism-warrior-parents. We make certain that our children are taken care of properly and get rather riled up when their needs are not met. But in the end, after all is said and done, we then do the proper-genteel thing and send thank you notes along with a nice little teacher present at the end of the year. Well at least I always did....I never wanted to be thought of as ill-mannered or uncouth no matter how much of a pain in the ass I had been.

Well except that one time in CM2's 5th grade year. (That was the year I was at the middle school so much the Vice Principal mentioned that they would eventually have to find a cot for me.) That 5th grade special ed teacher didn't get a present and definitely NOT a thank you. She was lucky I didn't have her life ruined. In fact, I only didn't sue the district for the sake of all the others who worked with, and supported, my son that year. Bad karma falls on everyone in the nearest vicinity and it takes no prisoners. Of course, the district also eventually did what they were supposed to and provided him with competent teachers at least until the next incompetent and lazy one came along (10th grade special ed to be exact, but then he was assigned this kickass special ed teacher for 11th and 12th grade so the district made up once again). They did go out of their way to try to right the oh so very wrong at the moment.  For certain, that did help with our "sue or no sue" decision-making.

However, he got passed that period in his education and so did we. Living through the tough times you think they are never going to end, but I have found that they do. Sticktoitiveness does work. Oh I do remember everything that happened every year and especially when things were the most difficult. I think that is human nature to replay the bad things. I'm not certain why that is. Perhaps it helps us persevere. Perhaps it helps us prepare for every eventuality. As I always say...prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. Hint: it does work. Believe me. Of course, there are just some things you can't foresee simply because you can't control every other human being on the planet. But for the most part my little life lesson has worked.

Happily, in the end, we move onward, upward and forward. We live each day, each moment as it comes. We especially celebrate every milestone, every accomplishment and with total abandon we celebrate every victory.