Sunday, August 24, 2014

On a personal note

As everyone has noticed I have not really been posting about autism for months now. I just ran out of new things to say. And yes, world events have also taken over my timeline. I suppose as you move on to different levels of life you reevaluate what is important to you. While when the boys were young we were overwhelmed with issues and fears, we have been able to adapt and understand what we have to do. And yes we still have those fears and quite a bit of trepidation for the future, that never goes away. It's also not that the autism is gone by any means, really anyone who tells you that autism can be cured or you recover from autism is either a charlatan or a wishful thinker. It's that in the end I think you learn to live with the issues, the problems and the entire reality of the situation. The reality too, is that if all you live is to wallow in the negative, you cannot build the future or create a better place for your family.

Also, I have learned to recognize how selfish a person becomes when they are only looking inwards. Everything in the world really does not revolve around your family's or personal issues. They are part of your world, but you are also part of the entire human race. Not everything can be about you and you alone at every moment of the day.

I suppose what has brought me to this point is the abject selfishness of  some peoples and groups. A malignant narcissism as it were, that only your problems matter and only your problems are worth discussing. In short I am tired of the kvetching, complaining and the finger pointing. If you are unhappy do something about it.

Change your world and if you can't, seek out the help to change your world. Ask for help no matter where you can find it. But also don't think the internet is the only way to find it. Real people matter. Flesh and blood reality is what matters. Talk to a teacher, a pastor, a social worker, a therapist.  Find a relative who you can trust or a friend that wants to listen and help. Don't be a bystander in your own life. Fix what needs fixing, accept what, or who, you cannot change and then move on. Live your life to the best of your ability.Turn off those that are negative. Lead, explore and challenge yourself.

I am tired of being told what is acceptable discourse, language and topics. I am tired of those who are self-appointed know-it-alls that purport to speak for everyone in any given community, be it politics, science, religion or special needs I am tired of labels, name calling and bullying of those who step out of the prescribed mode of thinking. This is merely fascism dressed up on a politically correct mode of being and I am done with it all. I am also tired of those who lament and wring their hands that the powers that be won't listen to their brilliant minds or their magnificent deductions of reality. People do not have to listen to you or your pronouncements. We, no matter what community we belong to, are entitled to our own individuality and our own positive belief system. We do not need someone else's permission to think, feel or believe the way we do.

I am tired of those who decide life is only gray areas and that good and evil are only personal perspectives. NO, one man's terrorists is not another man's freedom fighter. There is right and wrong, good and bad, positive and negative. NO all cultures are not equal. And there comes a time that you need to stand up and be counted. Turn against the hate and the evil. When you defend a philosophy that dehumanizes others you are the problem not the solution. That there are those who think that this topic is debatable merely bespeaks a sickness in the world that is reminiscent of acquiescence to the worst of humanity. If you embrace those that support the world's oldest hatred you bring darkness, horror and  death to humanity. It should not have taken the horrific murder of a western reporter for the "civilized" world to have taken notice  that this evil is at your door. Too many decided that since the destruction of the Jewish State was the primary target of this hate, the world did not care and in fact allowed this hate to flourish. But the enablers, the Jew-haters never seem to remember that genocidal hate always begins directing itself at the Jewish people, but never ends there. So now the world runs, unsure of how to proceed, to rid itself of the festering boil of evil that it helped create by omission of condemnation and worse, by commission of support. Recognize that there are turning points in history and they don't wait for anyone person to get over their own problems.

Now is the time. Be your own person every day of the week. Be strong. Be forthright. Seek knowledge. Be honest about the world. Be brave.