Monday, August 4, 2014

A Reminder: Tisha B'Av, We Have A Right to Survive

Tonight begins the Jewish fast of Tisha B'Av. It is a holiday dedicated to the memory of the destruction of the two holy Temples in Jerusalem, Israel. Jews world wide use this time to mourn the destruction of Jerusalem, the end of their freedom for eons, their nonstop persecution (both in Christian and Moslem countries-Read Mr.GS' senior thesis on the topic), and the need to contemplate what it actually means to be a free people. I do not believe in coincidence. I believe that everything happens for a reason; the timing of an event has meaning.

Today the Jewish people are faced with an onslaught of worldwide antisemitism not seen since the Holocaust. It rages throughout Europe; tens of thousands shout "Jews to the Gas,  or Heil Hitler," synagogues and Jewish owned businesses are firebombed; Jewish individuals assaulted; couple this with the virulent millennia old antisemitic imagery worthy of Der Stermer found continent wide in all European news outlets. Newsweek even discusses how the last remaining Jews are finally leaving Europe. Jew-hatred has also shown itself in the Americas, especially in the liberal academic and media sphere. Unsurprisingly (or surprisingly depending upon how unseeing you chose to be), the protests against Israel in major American cities carry the same antisemitic messages of ignorance and malevolent hate found in Europe. (See, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, academicians who are fighting Jew-hatred on campus; as well as Stand with Us, a student organization dedicated to countering antisemitic propaganda on campus.)

Some say it is the 1930s all over again. I say it is not. For the difference is great. The Jews were targets in the last century because they were weak and without means to fight those who needed a scapegoat in order to assuage their own inadequacies. Today the Jews are targeted because they are strong. Today's Jews embody within their community the ability to show the world's haters that despite the most virulent form of evil ever  imposed upon one human being to another, we have survived. And survived well. Sadly, the haters will never, ever forgive us for not dieing....The Jews will Never be Forgiven for the Holocaust

If for no other reason, than to remember that the Jewish people are entitled to self-defense (despite what the Jew-haters promote) and to protect themselves from those that call for genocide against them, the timing of Tisha B'av is fortuitous.

In Defense of Zionism

As I pointed out on Facebook:

“Hamas never targets civilians. It only targets Jews.”

—Hamas spokesman, Abu Odeh

If you support Hamas this is what you support. Don't expect those who think with this hatred to respect your specialneeds child....just remember they first come for the Jews. But Jew-hatred is the beginning, never the end, of the demise of the civilized world.

Facts about Hamas and what they stand for HERE.

Hamas' Too-Little-Known Fascist Charter

Why I Don't Criticize Israel


Coincidentally I just read this post:


Meanwhile:  Facebook said this cartoon (below) violates community standards, but pages calling for another Holocaust are AOK. The ppl that run Facebook are shilling for Islamo-fascists and antisemites. Question: do those who run Facebook not get that when these haters talk about killing Jews they mean all Jews and all persons who aren't afraid to stand up and fight for the western ideals of free speech, thought, religion, secular identity and worldwide suffrage.