Monday, June 30, 2014

Elopement/Wandering Safety Information

I received this newsletter today. It contains alot of very important information about how to keep your child safe when dealing with elopement and wandering. It's a great newsletter and I recommend you subscribe.



From Positively Autism
June 2014 Topic: Autism and Wandering/Elopement
Elopement refers to a person leaving an area without notifying others, which may place that individual in a dangerous situation. Elopement, which is similar to the term wandering, is a common issue faced by the families and educators of people with autism.

This month, we'll continue our series on Autism and Safety by focusing on resources and information to help with elopement and wandering among students with autism.

Articles, Tips, and Resources

The Danger of Elopement/Wandering -

Why is My Child Eloping and What Can I Do? -

Tips to Help Prevent Wandering and Wandering-Related Tragedies -

Wandering Toolkits for Families and First Responders -

Create a Family Wandering Emergency Plan (Includes a Plan to Fill-In) -

Sample IEP Letter to Help Your Child's School Address Wandering -

Research on Autism and Eloping/Wandering -

Safety Products for Autism and Wandering -

Social Stories for Wandering/Eloping -

Caregiver Checklist Tool for Wandering/Eloping (How to Minimize the Risk) -


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June 2014 Positive Autism News Stories -

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