Sunday, June 29, 2014

OK...One Quick Update

Yeah yeah yeah Hiatus...but I had to share this with everyone.

CM2 went from having no jobs two weeks ago to having one job and one internship last week. He started last Wednesday at his paying position. Friday he went to his internship. In the JOB he is doing data entry for the our Town. It just so happens that he is imputing parking ticket information. The para told me that he had to "shush" him when he started getting angry at all the people who don't pay their parking tickets. I feel sorry for anyone in town that CM2 runs into who is in arrears on their civic obligations. I think they are going to get an earful. Something tells me that while CM2 might not remember what is due when, when it comes to school, this societal negligence on the part of the denizens of our town is going to get remembered. CM2 doesn't like liars and to him this is lieing. (Update: turns out the town has a confidential information policy which they had forgotten to have CM2 sign on his first day of work. They remembered on the second day. When hubby asked him at dinner that night about his day. He told his father that he couldn't talk about it due to everything being confidential. We smiled and changed the subject. Seems the scofflaws are safe from being reprimanded by CM2 for now.)

The internship is at a historical society and he is going to help them go through photos, upload and catalogue them. He is also going to have to make a spreadsheet containing specific information about the photos. The town he is going to work for was incorporated in the 1600s, and while there are no photos that go back that far (of course) some of  the pictures are from the 1800s. For me the history buff this is quite interesting.

Best part is that the para gets to go with him to both the job and internship. I sent emails and even called to explain the situation after the job interviews. The emails were extensive about the need for a job coach and what purpose they serve.Turns out that no matter where you go everyone seems to have a relative with autism or some form of learning disability in their lives. It's amazing what people will tell you when you are honest about your own reality. Not only wasn't it a problem to send the para, but he was greatly welcome as support.  And yes, they also are going to put the para to work if they can. The other day, the para helped CM2 carry boxes of files to storage for the town.

Oh and for the historical society, since it doesn't pay for me to drop CM2 off, go home and come back, I was planning to hang out for the few hours each week he goes there. It's a nice little town with shops, and cafes I could explore if I wanted to. I could sit and read a book or play on my blogs. Of course, the director mentioned that she had some projects for me too. Well why not? I hope its with some really old documents. As I said history is my hobby and touching items loved and cared for by persons gone by is something that simply thrills me. Yes, in another life,  I should have been an archaeologist or archivist.

And most importantly, CM2, since he started everything last week, has gone around singing. Really singing. I haven't heard that in a long time. While hubby isn't quite certain what his younger child plans to do with his life and this concerns him, the idea that CM2 is happy working is a great boon. School is one thing, real world endeavors is another. If CM2 had to be pleased doing something, better its real world productivity than school, even though he knows that its school that will eventually get him that foot in the door.

Interesting recent event: On the subject of how vast is the network of special needs parents ...CM2 and his behavioral therapist were verbally abused by a sales person at our local Post Office. The person had a very think foreign accent, and as usual with our children and their auditory processing issues, son couldn't understand what was being said. When the therapist politely asked her to talk slower, because my CM2 couldn't understand her, the postal worker yelled at her that there was nothing wrong with her accent and that they need to learn to listen. At that moment the next window opened up and they asked someone else for help. Which they received with respect. (Now I wasn't surprised that this particular person was so nasty. There are adults in my town who avoid the local post office simply because this person works there. I didn't send them to the post office to set up CM2 that he shoudl have to deal with this loser, there are many others who work behind the counter as well and anyone of them could have helped him from the beginning. Truth is, it didn't have to happen, but it did.) In discussing this incident with the therapist, who by the way, was very upset by the entire event, I told her that in real life one of the things that the boys need to learn to do is deal with assholes. Not everyone you meet is going to be kind and understanding, so in learning self-advocacy skills you need to also learn how to circumvent the creeps. Truth be told, the incident had to have been really something. This is an experienced therapist who is used to dealing with all manner of people to get her students the support they need.

Then I went to the post office and got the person's name. I filled out a complaint form on-line and dialed the 800 number to report her. In discussing the incident with the customer service representative and telling her that CM2 has an autism spectrum disorder, she became mortified. It turns out her daughter is working towards a degree in special education and privately tutors autistic children. She fast tracked my complaint. It's amazing, as with the job situations above, just how many people are effected by special needs and especially autism in our world today. It seems that the more open you are about your child's issues and disabilities, the better it might be in the long run.

What if anything will happen to the person behind the counter I can't tell you. Do they need to fire her ass? You bet they do. But there have been numerous complaints against her over the years and they have done nothing. Nothing may be the way they plan to handle our complaint too. Except that in my written complaint I added in that this was a violation of the ADA and human rights statutes of my state. Her attitude made it difficult for son to access the post office, especially if she had been the only one present, and her berating him in public held him up to public ridicule.

Let's see what they do with that. But I won't hold my breath.

OK, back to blogging hiatus. Sort of. Well until something else interesting happens at least.