Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hiatus Time - Taking Care of Me

I want everyone to know that I am going on an autism writing hiatus at least for the summer. I realize that I have nothing more to add to our autism journey at the moment. But please read my blog and search for topics you need help with. Don't forget you can still email me with questions if you need support. This really isn't goodbye as I will be keeping my Raising Asperger's Kids and personal FB page open for anyone who needs to contact me as well. It's more a mental health exercise for myself.

Meanwhile, I will be posting on The Rediscovered Self and even thinking outside the box on Liberty's Spirit (much to the consternation of many). I realized that I need to concentrate on a different direction at the moment. I think I need to rediscover more of myself.  Is this vapid, selfish or taking charge of my life? Probably.

I realized I need a change of environment and atmosphere. Some new directions and hobbies. Something new to work at for myself. A new personal goal in life. Not sure what that is right now. As I always say, I am now 53 years old and still haven't figure out quite what I want to be when I grow up. Will I eventually figure it out? I don't know unless I try.

Also know that the boys are OK. This hiatus is not about them having  problems. They are in a good place and working towards their goals. As with everything about their progress there are ups, down ins and outs. But they move forward and that is what is most important.