Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Milking the Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Let me begin by saying CM2 is  a trooper. I honestly thought we were going to have a hard time this week with him recovering from his wisdom teeth surgery. But nope he has been just terrific. In fact he handled the entire event with a maturity level that is quite frankly, very age appropriate. (Yippee)

For those that don't know it, wisdom teeth extractions are now generally done in the oral surgeon's office. They can even put you out for the operation. You do have a choice as to the kind of anesthesia, you don't have to go completely under, but we felt for CM2 that was the best bet.

When we got to the doctor's office, we were brought back into the operating room, and CM2 was given a paper that he had to sign. It was funny because I went to take the paper, but the nurse reminded me that my child was a grown man of 20 and that he had to sign the paper. No problem there. I actually laughed at myself.

Now, CM2 read every word on that sheet and then got really really nervous. He wasn't nervous before, but after reading about everything that could go wrong he wasn't a happy camper. He definitely began to have second thoughts, as if he really had a choice about the surgery. (You have to have wisdom teeth out. They get impacted very easily, and can lead to a number of longterm illnesses.)

When the doctor came into the operating room he discussed all CM2's concerns with him. The doctor was very nice. He didn't poo-poo any of CM2's concerns, but gave credence to how he felt. He explained to CM2 that while sometimes there are complications they are extremely rare. CM2 singed and initialed the paper like he was supposed to do.

I went to wait in the parents area along with Wise-old-sage (the hubby). The operation was supposed to take an hour, but the doctor came out after 30 minutes and told us it went terrifically. Yes we were relieved. Not that we thought anything bad would happen (MrGS had used the same doctor when it was his wisdom teeth turn), but we also knew that the quicker everything got done, the less impacted were his teeth, which would also mean a better recovery.

We did end up going quickly into the recovery area, as we heard CM2 yelling trying to figure out where he was. Still a little dipsey from the anesthesia he didn't recognize his surrounding when he came to of course, since it was another room, and he began to protest vociferously and loudly. We ran back to the recovery room, not only to check on him, but to make sure he quieted down since there were other surgeries going on that morning. No need to upset anyone.

He did calm down quickly when he saw us. He looked a little funny with cotton coming out of his mouth, like a walrus. He was actually sitting upright, hooked up to an IV. They came by and changed the dressing two more times before we left. They wanted to try to stop the bleeding as much as possible. We did take home some cotton gauze for any residual bleeding. They said it could happen up to 3 hours more. As long as it was lessening there would be nothing to worry about.

Well home we went. We set CM2 up at this computer. He didn't want to lay down. Went and got his pain meds. Kept changing his dressings, put on cold compresses and prepared very soft, mushy food for him.

After two days he is no longer on any pain killer, including Tylenol. He gargles like he is supposed to with salt water and he is enjoying eating mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, chocolate pudding, scrambled eggs and that chocolate cupcake I bought him yesterday.

He is also not supposed to do any exercise or physical anything. He is not fighting that in the least. He has decided to sit on his tushie and play as many video games as he can for the entire week, until he sees the doctor for a checkup. I offered to take him out to Starbucks or to Target, just to get out of the house, but nope he is so content to not be bothered to do anything that he is well, the absolute video-game-playing potato. He lives in his pajamas all day and basically lays around being happy that it is summer.

I did get him to carry up the laundry basket from the basement though. I let him know that my back had been acting-up for the past few days so he did relent to help. It's also part of a chore that he uses to earn money for video game purchases too. (We have a chore list with financial worth so that the boys earn money towards their activities. They may not have jobs, but not everything should be handled to them without earning it.)  So I suppose he wanted a new game, which he ordered shortly after helping with the laundry.

By the way, I also know that he is definitely feeling better. The better he feels, the more adolescently-obnoxious he is to me. He really was very nice and appropriate with me for the first few days after his surgery. Yes, we do have rules with consequences he helped the therapist establish for when he is nasty or shows absolutely no patience for me. But even when I mention the rule-consequence Rubicon to him this week, it will come with less punishment and more reminders as he heals up over the next few days. OK its my own fault that I let this slide. But I figure there's enough time in life to take away the iPhone when the rules of proper decorum are breached. It doesn't have to be while he has stitches in his mouth.

All in all, the reality is that CM2 has done a great job when dealing with the wisdom teeth extraction and its aftermath. He is also milking the "do-nothing" rule for all its worth. But hey, how many times in life are you really going to have four teeth removed at once? So we are cutting him a little slack over the next few days. After that it's a concerted attempt to be productive at home before his summer ceramics class begins.

(Yes CM2 is taking a class, again. He sent out  over 30 resumes and applications for summer internships and nothing. Only two interviews, one for 5 minutes at an on-campus job and one over the phone. MrGS sent out over 50 for internships. He too only was offered 1 interview. And no it doesn't have anything to do with their aspergers at this point. My neighbor said the same thing happened with her highly accomplished and NT boys too. Not certain what this generation is going to do.)