Friday, April 11, 2014

I Support Ayaan Hirsi Ali and a Woman's Right to their Own Life and Bodily Integrity

As I have done before, at times I talk about other topics besides autism. One topic is the fight against fgm, gender apartheid and honor violence. I believe in the bodily integrity of every woman (especially in her right to sexual pleasure and sexual choice) and her right to live the life she chooses.

You may have heard that Brandeis University withdrew an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, champion of women's rights in the Moslem world, claiming she is "Islamophobic." (We can also have a discussion about the history of that word, who created it and why at  a later date.) Below is a video discussion about the issue from the Wall Street Journal and Hirsi Ali's interview with Megan Kelly on Fox.

HERE is a link to her Foundation and some informational pages: 

Here are some relevant articles on the Brandeis controversy:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her own words

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's response to Brandeis

What I would have said at Brandeis: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Here is one of the speeches Ayaan Hirsi Ali gave that has her opponents up in arms:

Raised on Hatred.

Would someone tell me why being against female genital mutilation, gender apartheid, honor violence and fighting for the belief that women are entitled to equality with men is somehow racist simply because the religion being opposed is Islam? This is political correctness and cultural relativism run amok. Shame on Brandeis University. Moreover they denigrate the US Constitution and the right of freedom of speech so enshrined in our nation.  They embarrass their namesake.

Whining About Mansplaining Instead of Fighting Female Genital Mutilation

NOTE: Remember CAIR, that opposes Hirsi Ali, is an unindicted co-conspirator in a case that sent people to prison for funding terror, and is a political arm of the Islamist Moslem Brotherhood in the USA. The Moslem Brotherhood gave birth to organizations like Al-Qaeda. CAIR also supports the denigration of the US First Amendment by promoting anti-blasphemy laws that would curtail freedom of speech by penalizing you if you criticize Islam. This law is promoted by the UN and the OIC, and our presumed Democratic nominee for the 2016 Presidential race.

 I am infuriated and ashamed of my fellow Jews. Glad that I withdrew my application to Brandeis when I applied to college.