Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Purim

Purim is the Jewish holiday where we remember how the bravery of one young women named Esther saved the Jewish people from genocide.

Purim and the Boys' question of hypocrisy
Purim and the answer to the Boys' Ethical Conundrum

Purim Sameach (Happy Purim)

By the way a very interesting book, one I started but did not quite finish, is making the rounds called Anti-Judaism. It's not about antisemitism per se, which is directed at the person, but about the tradition of the western world to denigrate and dispossess Judaism itself. The author discusses how due to this perspective about the Jewish religion  it is easy for a nation to be virulently antisemitic even when there are no Jews who live in their countries (i.e. Judenrein), like in most of Europe and especially in the Arab world. Yes the book is highly unsettling. It is why I couldn't read it in its entirety. I suspect that there are just some issues that hit too close to home as it were. But as you read the book the question you are left with is, whether Jew-hatred is so endemic to the European and Arab traditions, that it is so ingrained into these cultures, that there is generally no hope for its eradication without a drastic cultural shift in the world.