Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Can't Remember to Forget You,"... This is not female empowerment

Watch the new Shakira and Rihanna duet. They are both tremendous talents. The song's got a great beat and a terrific vibe. Just don't get the need for the raunch. And yes sex sells I know. But there comes a time when a successful woman should really be able to say "no," and produce classy art instead of giving into the baser instincts of objectification.

And yes Shakira is known for her belly-dancer-like-hip movements, and Rihanna has always been just a little over the top, its their signature styles. But they also would have done young women a better service if they used a different theme to sell this song.

By the way, I had the same issue with Britney Spear's last video. She claimed that the director kept pushing her to be more sexy.  So she ended up with a sado-masochistic video that actually debased her as a person. What truly self-possessed woman thinks that being a dominatrix is healthy, fun and empowering? I find it simply sad and quite emotionally nullifying. Who thinks allowing someone who wants to be intimate with you, call you a "bitch," is part of romance and seduction, or makes the act of sex an equal partnership?

Just so you don't think that I have it in only for successful women artists who denigrate their own gender, I have no love lost for Robin Thicke and his rapey music either.

Also what is it with women-friends calling each other "bitch," as if it has some kind of positive connotation? Our young women need to stop buying into today's music culture and we need to teach our young men what respect for women, self-respect and honoring those around you, happens to mean. We cannot  allow our children to use this modern society's  soul sucking debasement of females, the glorification of irresponsibility, and denigration of hard work, self-respect and human ingenuity, guide their future.

Yes I know I talk about embracing your "inner bitch" to get what your child needs. But it's an in your face look at the world. A turn about is fair play use of the misogynistic acumen that women are thought of as either subservient/docile or bitches (no in between demeanor allowed) to your child's advantage.

Moreover, what's wrong with young successful women today? Didn't anyone ever teach them to use the word "no?" For an interesting answer to that question watch the video, Feminism 2.0 .