Sunday, February 9, 2014

A new equation for intelligence: Can it lead to better inclusion?

from TED

This presentation is a little dry, but I think it offers an interesting perspective on intelligence and its inception. In fact I watched it and kept thinking about our children. If we redefine intelligence, where it comes from and its ultimate capacity, this will undoubtedly lead to society's better understanding of those with special needs.

You may think that society is happy to include our children but in reality what I am finding lately is actually a dearth of respect. I am tired of the pitying attitude of society towards those with disabilities (along with the subsequent self-pat on the back for their magnanimous acceptance of our children) It is time that society did see the entire person first and only later the disability. It really is time that our children are not defined by their disability but by their humanity.

Of course when you have an invisible disability, the issue actually becomes one of rejection once the idiosyncrasies come to the forefront. It is terribly disconcerting when a person is allowed into the arena but then kept out once issues arise. Basically our children are kept out due to other's complete and utter ignorance.

Case in point: MrGS went to the career counselor at school last week. Her recommendation to him was to look at a site that promotes employment for the physically handicapped. Apparently either this dope didn't know the purpose of the website or even worse, she thinks that all disabilities are the same. What's even more insulting is she thinks that all he is, is his disability. Instead of looking at him as a graduate student in computer science she only saw an individual with a disability and whatever that entailed in the recesses of her tiny brain. Furthermore she recommended a program for him to join at school that is meant for undergraduates. I can't tell if she thinks he's stupid or incompetent. Then she reworked his resume in contravention to everything his career counselor did last semester. Yes a call to her director will be forthcoming Monday morning. I am also going to call the disability director as well.