Thursday, January 16, 2014

Speech out of sync for many with autism

OK, now tell me something I already didn't know. Perhaps a new revolutionary way to support them. The video game idea seems fine for younger children, but for adult aspergeans/autistics, already out in the world, they need something more immediate. Something that will help in college, graduate school or at the job.


Some real world supports we have used for the boys due to their auditory processing issues:

-This is why oral instructions need to be broken down to more manageable pieces. No more than 3 steps at a time (if that many at first) or they should be written down.

-Loud noises cause pain for many of our children. Don't yell ever. Gym, the lunch room, music class, can all have very negative effects on those with autism. It's why managing a big city, like New York, is very hard for them. They can get confused and overwhelmed. (Heck its why MrGS needs the support to navigate the City to get to his college. Even as a small child he told us he preferred grandmas in the country to the City. We had no idea why until he was finally properly diagnosed.The quiet allows him to think and process the world around him.)

-School accommodations should also include note takers, recorded lectures, or the written lecture itself, so that they don't miss important information. Even a change in classroom instruction can cause consternation. Since they rely on written syllabi or schedules to make sense of their day, they can get thrown if there is a change in plans. If teachers change homework or assignment instructions it is best to make sure that it is gone over and to make sure your child understands the change completely.

-Para support and the creation of social stories to facilitate social interaction since conversational skills are behind. Not necessarily because they don't want to be social, but they do not get the rhythm of conversations. And once they figure out what is being said, everyone else has moved on to the next subject. Also if you are behind in figuring out conversations and how to react, your social skills do suffer.

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