Monday, January 13, 2014

Ariel Sharon

At times this blog diverts from autism to deal with many other issues. Today I post the eulogy by Tony Blair at the funeral of Ariel Sharon.

Arik's main issue was the survival of the Jewish people. No, everything he did was not perfect. No everyone did not love him. Some hated him beyond reason. Some even blood libeled him for the evil that others perpetrated. But for me, and in our house, Arik was, and will always be, a symbol of Jewish strength and survival.

Watch Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal discuss the legacy of Ariel Sharon HERE.

When Ariel Sharon decided to disengage from Gaza, and MrGS watched Jew fight Jew, as the IDF removed the Israeli settlers from Gaza, he was confused and upset.

"Why is the Israeli army fighting other Jews?" he asked.

I tried to explain that at times, peace is even worth angering your own.

To me that is the legacy of Ariel Sharon. That when push came to shove, where peace was concerned, Arik was willing to take chances that no other world leader would even dream of doing. To me that was his  bravest moment.

I am also very proud of the picture below. My beloved father (RIP) listinening to Arik explain Israel's reality.