Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow, Lots and Lots of Snow, in the Holy Land, Christmastime 2013

Or as they say in Israel "shelegmegeddon." Sheleg is the Hebrew word for snow. Apparently they have gotten over 10 inches of snow in Jerusalem, Israel; several inches in Cairo and some snow in the south of the Jordan. The rabbis that asked last week for people to pray for rain because there is always a fear of drought at this time of year have now asked for people to stop their prays. Nope can't make this stuff up.

Center of Jerusalem

Bird's eye-view of Jerusalem

Snowball fights near the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem

Cairo...snow just seems so out of place with the palm trees.

Actually its really not funny. There is a weather emergency in the Holy Land. Tens of thousands have no electricity. The IDF is helping the Palestinian Authority with support and supplies, in addition to an emergency opening of the crossing into Gaza for heaters, water pumps (flooding is overwhelming) and oil.

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prayer time in the snow at Al-Aqsa mosque

prayer time at the Western Wall (the Kotel)