Monday, December 9, 2013

Did You Ever Run Out of Things to Talk About?

Seriously....every morning I wake up and try to think of something to write about for this blog. And I come up empty. Now its not that there haven't been incidents or topics to discuss. It's just that everything seems to be a "groundhog day" repeat of repeats.

Finals weeks is upon us and the same issues that pop up every semester is here.  Executive functioning, figuring out what to study and making time to get everything done and still have fun. Well CM2 insists on still having fun while he studies. Unfortunately he hasn't gotten the idea that during finals week there is supposed to be no fun until the tests are done. But who knows, he might have an idea what he needs to do for himself better than I ever could figure it out. But on the other hand, he isn't exactly on Dean's List. So the question is one of balance and happiness  I suppose. But its also a matter of being able to get into a descent graduate school and continue his education. And yes, if you haven't figure it out by now, we are Alpha parents when its comes to education. The boys are required to work hard, learn and progress. We know that with a little bit of effort CM2 is capable of pulling straight Bs. If he tried I bet he could even come home with some As. In truth I've seen him do it. And its not just WoS and myself saying this, the para has this opinion of CM2 as well. My son personifies someone who is too smart for his own good at times. He forgets that in life, you simply cannot wing things and have them all work out the way you want. A little effort does go along way.

Meanwhile, MR. GS had an at-home on-line final last night and has two more, Monday and Tuesday nights this week. He as usual is working hard, but interestingly the transition to graduate school was not as seamless as we had thought it might be. The idea of the self direction needed in graduate school is a new level of functioning for him so it has been a bit of a challenge especially with three courses. I suppose like anything else he will need to figure out how to balance and when to push and not push in graduate school.  Here Mr. GS is given an assignment and left to his own devices to figure it all out. A two hour lecture once a week is supposed to suffice. Honestly, for the most part it has and if he needed help he went to the tutoring center. Something tells me the information is alot more challenging and dense than he was used to in his history lectures. Not that he isn't happy. In fact he is thriving. He seems really pleased with what he is studying. By the way, I happened to look at one of his lectures about data creation. All I know is that not only did I not understand one word, but it hurt my brain.

So there you have it. This time next week, the boys will be on vacation for 6 weeks. Hubby wants them to work in a soup kitchen or do some charity during the holidays. We are looking into it for them. I agree its a good idea. The hubby, being the Wise Old Sage that he is, wants to get the boys out of their comfort (indulged and spoiled) zone and let them see just how real, the real world can be.