Friday, November 15, 2013

#Batkid Saves Gotham-Three Cheers San Francisco

This is Wishing Well doing what Wishing Well does joy to a child with cancer.  Miles is a 5 year old with leukemia who wanted to be batman for a day. He thought he was going to go to San Francisco to get a batman costume but the city had other ideas. He not onlywas given a costume but rode in a batmobile (Ferrari with stickers on the side), saved a lady in distress from the Riddler and then got to battle the Penguin. (10,000 volunteers in all participated in the event, not to mention those that cheered on the sidelines.)

Twitchy has the tweet play by play.


After all was said and done, Miles then received the key to the city.

Now this is the America I remember. This is the America where we cared about our neighbors and took care of each other.

Even Obama got into the act. Way to go Mr. President. And this from someone who is not a fan of yours.

Tomorrow's San Francisco Chronicle

Mashable has many more pictures of the day. Even Miles' little brother was brought into the fantasy. He got to play Robin.

By the way one of my favorite charities has always been The Wishing Well Foundation HERE.
Even $5 will help a sick child fulfill a dream.

THREE CHEERS San Francisco!!!!