Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

 Lyrics by Ari Lesser

There's so much I'm grateful for
Today a cannot ask for more
I have my heart and soul and strength
This life is blessed so I give thanks

Give thanks to the Universal One
Give thanks for the moon and stars and sun
Give thanks for the Earth on which we live
Give thanks for the bounty she can give
Give thanks for tree and the fruit it grows
Give thanks for the cup that overflows
Give thanks for the food and drink and air
Give thanks there's more than enough to share
Give thanks for the extra we can spare
Give thanks for the clothes we have to wear
Give thanks for the comfort of our beds
Give thanks for the roofs above our heads

There's so much I'm grateful for
Today a cannot ask for more
I have my heart and soul and strength
This life is blessed so I give thanks

Give thanks to the Only Source Of All
Give thanks for the big and for the small
Give thanks for the low and the highest height
Give thanks for the dark and for the light
Give thanks for the times of joy and song
Give thanks for the pain the keeps us strong
Give thanks because we're still alive
Give thanks this moment has arrived
Give thanks our path has brought us here
Give thanks, we lived another year
Give thanks for the past we left behind
Give thanks for the future we will find

There's so much I'm grateful for
Today a cannot ask for more
I have my heart and soul and strength
This life is blessed so I give thanks

Give thanks to Infinite Most High
Give thanks no matter how or why
Give thanks in every time and place
Give thanks we're part of the human race
Give thanks for the people that we meet
Give thanks for the neighbors on our street
Give thanks for the teachers that we had
Give thanks for every mom and dad
Give thanks for the family that we got
Give thanks for the friends we like a lot
Give thanks for the ones who we hold dear
Give thanks that those we love are hear

There's so much I'm grateful for
Today a cannot ask for more
I have my heart and soul and strength
This life is blessed so I give thanks

Meanwhile saw this tweet....Love the connection that Americans keep to the United States wherever they live...

Israeli-American soldiers celebrating Thanksgiving in Tel Aviv at the Lone Soldier Center.

And our American troops, still in Afghanistan, celebrating Thanksgiving....

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

May they stay safe and come home soon.

 Happy Holiday.....


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Hanukkah

God's sense of humor. A menorah zebra.

This Wednesday night marks the beginning of the Hanukkah festival.  It is the story of Judah Maccabee and his brothers who led the first known war for religious freedom.

It's amazing how some things never change...what pissed off the Maccabees 2200 years ago is that some idiot in power decided to tell the Jews that their holy sites (here, here, here) and their capital Jerusalem didn't belong to them. Go figure....

By the way, for those that don't know, the miracle of Hanukkah is that when the Maccabees went to rededicate the Holy Temple there was only enough oil to burn in the Eternal Light (the symbol of God's continuity) for one day. However the Light burned for eight days until more oil could be brought to the Temple. So in commemoration of the miracle of the oil, Jewish people worldwide eat potato pancakes (latkes) or jelly doughnuts (sufganiyot); foods fried in oil. In our family we tend to opt for the doughnuts.

Hanukkah greetings from that Israeli university with all those Nobel prize winners:

A new video from the Maccabeats:

And some of my other favorite Hanukkah videos:

Hanukkah Sameach...Happy for some sufganiyot....RECIPE here

We eat not only latkes but jelly donuts (sufganiyot) to celebrate the holiday. Anything fried in oil.

 and Latkes (recipe) of course

Hanukkah, Autism and Self-Determination
D is for Hanukkah (Dedication)
Wrestling with God

And for those of you who celebrate Thanksgivukkah a video from Israeli comedian Benji Lovitt

PS. he's booking shows in North America now 
h/t Times of Israel


Friday, November 22, 2013

Som Sabadell Flashmob- Ode to Joy by Beethoven

This is from last year, but it began to make the rounds on facebook again. It definitely puts you in that holiday mood....


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holidays, Permission Granted to Celebrate as You Please

Yes this is a repost from October 2011, but a necessary reminder.

Last year I wrote a post and called myself a Grinch. (Read the post. Its a goodie-promise) We are raised that we are supposed to revel in this time of year. We are taught that our entire society lives or dies based upon a few short hours on certain given days.  That somehow if we do not participate in these celebrations, as prescribed by some holiday-deity (I'm talking Hallmark or Norman Rockwell here, not God Almighty), then we have forfeited our right to be happy at this time of year. Well, as the US commanding general at the Battle of the Bulge, once said to the Nazis when asked to surrender, I say "nuts" to anyone who thinks that we cannot stand up and be happy.

Honestly,  I do love this time of year (Bit of a change for me from last year I know. Maybe my temperament is better- fewer menopause symptoms- or this post is up earlier than last year's Grinch post.) but I also hate this time of year (OK remembering what is to come). Oh I love the sights, the sounds and the smells. The boys love these things, not so much. When they were little it was the sensory overload that got to them. Too much of everything crammed into just a few short weeks that spills over into a hullabaloo of relatives, and an unknown and uncomfortable social reality. On Thanksgiving they used to hide in my sister-in-law's basement away from the crush of people and watch TV or play their video games. They sat quiet by themselves while everyone else "holidayed."  We, of course, would check on them periodically and on most occasions their younger cousins would sit with them and watch their dvds as well. But it was not enjoyable for them. Their holiday experience was sorely lacking.

I know the theory behind the "get togethers" for them, has to do with getting to know your relatives and understanding that there are people in the world who are attached to you in some way. But that is not what the boys learned. What they learned is that whenever they see a relative they are uncomfortable, feel overwhelmed and quite frankly would rather be somewhere else. There is no connection to these people they see once a year. There is no attachment. They don't even remember people's names.

Honestly I have a passel of relatives who I never see or hear from. Genetic "family" connection in my book is over rated. What you need to do is develop a "family" that will be there for you when you need them. Biology doesn't mean a darn thing at times. You are lucky when the two  "families" connect but in my expereince they very rarely do. At least that is what happened in my world. Sadly you don't need to be a special needs family to be distant from those that are supposed to have your back. It's hard and it  hurts, when you come to realize just how alone you may truly be in this world. But you are better off creating your own support network "family" then accepting an inadequate one. Create the world you want to live in, I always say. You don't have to accept the one you are given if it is YOU always giving and not receiving. You don't have to accept the "family" you were born into if it makes you unhappy, unfulfilled, or feeling alone.

Looking back, which we tend to do when our children get older, I probably should not have made them go to SIL's. It was uncomfortable for them and for some reason we just thought that they would adjust. How wrong we were. They were not happy there among the throngs. We were nervous about how they would handle the get togethers.We were  always on pins and needles waiting for a meltdown or and inappropriate interaction. I realize that no matter what anyone understood, and we come from an understanding extended family, they didn't get it. It truly wasn't their fault. I also know that if something did happen the extended family would be supportive. That was not the issue. It was the fact that quite frankly for us (parents and especially children), there was no joy, just alot of tension.
What I think we needed to do, quite frankly, is to give ourselves permission not to go to the SIL's.
Well that finally happened last year. Guess what? We had a nice day. I made a holiday meal. I set a holiday table. We enjoyed the quiet and the comfort of our own home with no crush of sensory stimuli. We watched what we wanted on television. The boys and hubby did their work and all went according to plan. It was nice. It was quiet. It was peaceful. I plan to do it again this year.

I modeled our Thanksgiving after how we celebrate the Jewish holidays. We tend to celebrate the Jewish holidays on our own. Family does not fly in for the celebrations. They do not make an effort to get together. So we have our own little rituals and our own little ways of doing things. This past Jewish New Year, CM1 actually asked if I had gotten certain celebratory foods. It's actually a fancy crudite platter that I buy from a local caterer every major holiday. It means something to him. It means holiday to him. It means a happy fun time, where he is not overwhelmed by noise, smell or sights. It means comfort and joy. It means calm. So I will buy that platter this year on Thanksgiving once again. I will make a small turkey breast, buy stuffing and a massive chocolate cake (we don't like pie).

I know catering sounds rather extravagant. (I admit it, it is) But my stuffing last year was a very sad affair. Heck, not even the dogs ate it. I have no idea what happened there and after three attempts I just gave up. You really don't even want to try my baking. It's truly noxious. I am the only one who ruins those pre-baked cookies from the supermarket. Honestly, it is not my forte. Listen one of the good side effects of getting older is that you can readily accept what you are good at and what you are not. I happily admit I can't bake, iron and I hate gardening or doing any outdoor work. Little House on the Prairie I am not. But cleaning a toilet doesn't bother me (Just give me cleaning gloves, Clorox clean-up and toilet bowl cleaner and I am ready and raring to go)...go figure.

So anyway...As I said one of the things you learn as you age is that you need to do what is best for you and those in your immediate family, i.e. your children. If people truly love and care about you they will understand. If they don't understand, well, then they are not really family, no matter what the genetics say.

Create your own holiday memories and traditions. Even if its only the fact that you buy a silly crudite platter. These are the things that YOUR child will learn to appreciate, understand and associate with love, family and happiness. It's OK. Really Its OK.


Friday, November 15, 2013

#Batkid Saves Gotham-Three Cheers San Francisco

This is Wishing Well doing what Wishing Well does joy to a child with cancer.  Miles is a 5 year old with leukemia who wanted to be batman for a day. He thought he was going to go to San Francisco to get a batman costume but the city had other ideas. He not onlywas given a costume but rode in a batmobile (Ferrari with stickers on the side), saved a lady in distress from the Riddler and then got to battle the Penguin. (10,000 volunteers in all participated in the event, not to mention those that cheered on the sidelines.)

Twitchy has the tweet play by play.


After all was said and done, Miles then received the key to the city.

Now this is the America I remember. This is the America where we cared about our neighbors and took care of each other.

Even Obama got into the act. Way to go Mr. President. And this from someone who is not a fan of yours.

Tomorrow's San Francisco Chronicle

Mashable has many more pictures of the day. Even Miles' little brother was brought into the fantasy. He got to play Robin.

By the way one of my favorite charities has always been The Wishing Well Foundation HERE.
Even $5 will help a sick child fulfill a dream.

THREE CHEERS San Francisco!!!!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Habits of Happiness

 from TED

After training in biochemistry at the Institute Pasteur, Matthieu Ricard left science behind to move to the Himalayas and become a Buddhist monk -- and to pursue happiness, both at a basic human level and as a subject of inquiry. Achieving happiness, he has come to believe, requires the same kind of effort and mind training that any other serious pursuit involves.

His deep and scientifically tinged reflections on happiness and Buddhism have turned into several books, including The Quantum and the Lotus: A Journey to the Frontiers Where Science and Buddhism Meet. At the same time, he also makes sensitive and jaw-droppingly gorgeous photographs of his beloved Tibet and the spiritual hermitage where he lives and works on humanitarian projects.

His latest book on happiness is Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill; his latest book of photographs is Tibet: An Inner Journey.
Read more about Matthieu Ricard on the TED Blog 


Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank a Veteran-Veteran's Day

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men [and women] stand ready to do violence on their behalf.....George Orwell

My father (RIP) at 18 years old during the Korean War.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hearing on the UN Disability Rights Treaty

November 5, 2013


When Professors (teachers) Cause Problems and They Don't Even Know It

No, not those type of problems. We are not having any inclusion issues or academic issues. In fact both boys are doing well in those regards this semester. The issue we are having has to do with curriculum actually and how it is presented. The problem is one of CM2's professors.

CM2 is taking an English literature course on American writers. He is reading such luminaries as Baldwin, Hemingway, Conrad, Wolf and now Philip Roth. And yes these authors are quite the challenge to read, discuss and analyze. They could make for some lively discussion if the children paid attention. And yes CM2 pays attention and adds in his two-cents now and again. But apparently he is about the only one. The para tells me that most of the kids just sit there. He doubts they are even doing the reading. Needlesstosay the professor is very frustrated with the class.

No, this is not my issue with the professor. He actually seems like a decent sort of fellow. Someone really interested in teaching the students how to think, analyze and write. My issue is his choice of language in lecture.

Yes, you read right. His choice of language. According to my sources (which is the para, CM2 would never tell either WoS or myself anything about school), every other word out of this man's mouth is either the "f" bomb or the "s" bomb, or the "b" bomb, or for a time period he was even using the "c" bomb. I kid you not. This is simply beyond provocative. This is head-shaking, "what the hell am I paying for" kind of parental reaction, especially since this is an English literature class.

Foolish me, I was under the impression that when studying literature by some of our nation's greatest writers, language and the proper use thereof, would be part and parcel of all avenues of the class, not just in the writing segment. This professor is hard as nails when it comes to writing. He is truly teaching the students how to write and what it takes to make yourself understood on paper. I honestly can't argue with this. Here, he is doing his job quite well.

But language is not simply how you write, but it is how you present yourself and how you speak to another person. Language is making yourself understood outside the realm of "colorful" language. The tone and tenor of your speech goes along way in making an impression about who you are and your level of intelligence. Moreover, because the professor swears in class, CM2 now thinks its find and dandy in his daily life as well.

We had been trying to teach CM2 not to swear when he tries to express himself. For many teens that is simply a natural outgrowth of culture, but it is not a proper way to function in society. Swearing in the workplace or at anytime when you want to be taken seriously is a big "no, no." In fact we had been making headway in that regards until this semester. Suddenly CM2's swear quotient had ratcheted itself up to new heights.

At first I thought it had only to do with his frustration and the anxiety that comes along with taking 5 classes and the added work level that made CM2 swear. He did flourish during the summer when he only took Spanish, so I figured that the swearing had to do with the number of courses he was taking. Added anxiety and all that rubbish. But nope, I don't think so now.

One day the para simply got in the car and he didn't say one single word. Finally he turned to me and said," that professor is just unbelievable. " He then began to regale me with the interesting and exciting discussions they are having in class. Now I knew why CM2 was swearing like a drunken sailor all the time.

I know CM2 is very impressionable. I know he looks up to his professors. The para tells me, CM2 is like a sponge. If the professors say it, he inhales it. So the idea that the professor can swear in class would mean that he can swear outside of class, and his old-foggey parents are wrong about life in general and  especially what is expected in proper conversation. In fact combine the swearing with the communications professor telling his class that the "older generation," meaning us, don't understand the younger generation and how they relate to the world, and you have CM2's present idea on use or non-use of language and ignoring the parental units instructions.

Meanwhile, the latest tale is that the professor being really annoyed that the students were not participating in class asked them if they like the class and was really upset that noone answered. CM2 being his aspergean self, said that it was "f-bomb" boring at times. Nope not kidding. The para said that the professors face went red and basically said if he didn't like it he could always leave. Luckily the para intervened and smoothed over the situation. Everything is fine now as far as we can tell.

But honestly what did the professor expect would happen if he consistently swears at the students. Didn't he think that they would eventually swear back? And didn't anyone tell him that aspies are notoriously honest? Why would CM2 think that a professor asking such a  question wouldn't want an honest answer? The para didn't really absolve CM2 of the notion that he shouldn't be honest, but we did mention that even if the professor swears he really shouldn't.

In the meantime, I haven't heard anymore stories about the professor swearing. Oh I am not certain that he has stopped. In fact I doubt he has. Apparently that is his teaching style. But I think he did stop using the "c" bomb. Apparently one girl finally raised her hand and said that she would like him to not use that word anymore.

"If anyone called me that, then we would definitely fight," she said.

Told the para, I can't blame her. Most women feel that way.

Now to fix the mess this has caused for CM2's use of spoken language.



Sunday, November 3, 2013

Autistic Twin Runners Make Strides at 2013 New York City Marathon

ABC News

Self-Important Intellectuals are Neither Important nor Intelligent: Autism Meme and Dehumanziation @guardian

I have written on the subject of using psychological and developmental disabilities as insult before. Usually my disdain for the self-important pundit goes to those who attack individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Here, Here, Here  Unfortunately there is now a new trend in the writings of those who consider themselves intellectually above all us common-folk, these so-called intellects have decided to use autism as an insult in political discourse. HERE  (I have also written about the use of "autistic" as comic fodder HERE)  Meanwhile, today I came across a new post found in The Guardian (Read about it HERE). The article is entitled "If we accept Israel is metaphorically autistic we lose all hope of change." No I didn't leave a comment as they were already closed.

The Guardian is one of England's leading newspapers. It is supposed to be a leading indicator of the thought processes of the intellectual, or rather the intellectual left-wing elite. Personally I don't read it. It wreaks of antisemitism and for that reason alone there are watchdog blogs in the Jewish community that continually monitor their press. If I read anything from Britain its in The Daily Mail or The Telegraph. I don't have to agree with everything written on these pages, but at least they don't make me want to lose my lunch or bleach my brain. One caveat: There is a terrific advocate in the autism community Kristina Chew who writes occasionally for The Guardian. I do read anything she writes, even when I disagree with her. Her personal blog Here

The interesting issue concerning this latest anti-autism screed is that these left-wing intellectuals, who champion identity-politics and political correctness in their nations, these hypocrites who call out those they consider Islamaphobes and racists, seem perfectly fine with insulting the entire community of autistics. They think that by asking Simon Baron-Cohen about autism that that somehow insulates them from being labeled a bigot. Guess what, it does not. In fact one of the commenters dismissed the authors talk with Baron-Cohen because  Baron-Cohen, himself being Jewish, would not accept the idea that Israel is akin to an autistic person. (Heck if you can't get a little Jewish conspiracy crap in The Guardian, you can't get it anywhere. By the way, this is also what passes for acceptable discourse in the progressive world of The Guardian.)

Now don't get me wrong. I am completely revolted by this latest diatribe against Israel. I am an ardent supporter of the State of Israel. The only more supportive of Israel you can get than me, is those who leave the USA to go live in Israel. But my issue with the above article isn't about their attitude towards Israel (that is an article for a different day and a different blog.) My issue is how easy it is for the intellectuals to disenfranchise and demean an entire community of people. Of course I really shouldn't be surprised by this act of intellectual dishonesty. The Guardian editors tend to dehumanize anyone they think is their political opposite, so to deny the humanity of the autistic community is not really a giant leap for them.

The idea that somehow the autistic community is a monolith and that every autistic person is a clone of "Rainman" is beyond ignorant and outdated. The idea that autistics are without empathy, are violent and are withdrawn has been scientifically proven void. The autistic community itself, particularly the self-advocates, are open, vocal and without par in teaching about the realities of living with autism and what they hope for the future. Autistics are proud of who they are, and quite frankly happily, openly, vociferously and proudly declare their existence and their humanity. (In fact both of my boys are not without their own autism-as-insult bullshit meters. CM2 just took someone to task on twitter for using autism as insult. He proudly proclaims his aspieness in his profile.)

I find it rather interesting that people who are so touchy and thin-skinned, as The Guardian progressives tend to be when it comes to their own selves, have no problem with insulting an entire group of people. Oddly collective-identity-punishment for the politically correct seems to be a new version of the old theory of replacement theology. Moreover, the idea that autistics are now fair game to be maligned bespeaks of eugenics and quite frankly Nazism.

Yes I know people throw the Nazi adjective around very easily into today's day and age, but remember before the Nazis began the Final Solution to the Jewish Question, they practiced how to efficiently kill on the intellectually and psychologically disabled. No doubt there were many autistics who were marked for murder during those experiments. On another wholly disturbing level, political scientists have noted that there are  eight stages of genocide. This Guardian article employs most of them in dehumanizing autistics and Jews.

This is why the autism as political insult is not only intellectually dishonest but it is intellectually dehumanizing and morally repugnant. The purpose of The Guardian article was to say that Jews have no right to self-defense and that Israel has no right to exist. It states that Israel 's actions are beyond the pale of decent society and compares her actions to those of autistic persons. The forgone conclusion of the article is that genocide against the 6 million Jews of Israel is a legitimate action. By equating the actions of the State of Israel to members of the autistic community The Guardian newspaper ipso facto says autistics also have no right to exist. The Guardian author promotes the Nazis agenda that Jews, and those with disabilities, need to be expunged from the Earth.

I suppose the question then becomes what to do about this antisemitism and anti-autistic meme that has taken hold of certain levels of society? Is it simply enough to write and castigate those who have so fallen from the tree of human civilization that their politics hearkens back to one of the darkest periods in human history or is there more that we, as a society need to do, to teach, challenge and promote a concept of acceptance, tolerance and the golden rule?

Social Justice, Humanity and Autism
Blood Libeling Those with Autism


Meanwhile November 9th is the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht. This was the beginning of the Nazis evil march through Europe. It is a good time to remember that these attitudes of disenfranchisement and dehumanization are anything but gone in the world today.

Working definition of antisemitism EU and USA
Angela Merkel on antisemitism and the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht

Unfortunately though newly released polls find:
Antisemitism widespread throughout the EU.
Antisemitism growing worldwide
ADL: Antisemitic Attitudes in the USA
Groundbreaking Survey Reveals Scale of Europe's Antisemitism Crisis 

Synagogue destroyed by Nazis on Kristallnacht


Oh OK. You know I couldn't help myself. Here is a blog I wrote about Israel, the Palestinians and the Peace Process. This article is a good answer to the same infantile Guardian article referenced above:

Cognitive Dissonance: Releasing Murderers in Order to Secure Peace

Friday, November 1, 2013

42; the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

My cell phone rang in the supermarket this morning. Finally brilliant-computersis, who has been very busy, called. I told her that I would have to call her back when I left the store which was not long after we hung up. Now as I have told everyone before, I do drive and talk on my cell phone, but I use a bluetooth device, an ear piece. It’s a safety issue. No I do not hold my cell phone as I drive. You need two hands on the wheel. I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t talk and drive at all, but sometimes its the only time of the day when I can have a real conversation without being menaced by the at-home hordes.

So as I pulled away from the market. She begins to regale me with a story about my two wonderful teenagers. She told me that they had a very interesting conversation. Now that can be taken one of two ways, interesting or obnoxious. Now in this case not so much interesting as typical (slightly obnoxious) for the boys. Actually it was a better conversation than usual for the three of them. She actually talked to them for a few minutes. They tend not to have too much patience for her. Maybe because she is an extension of me and patience for mom just isn’t in the stars at the moment.
So the story goes:

Collegeman answers the phone. "Hey aunt mom’s not home…"

She tries to begin a conversation, but then he, without putting her on hold or mute, begins to yell at highschoolboy for not answering the phone.

Highschoolboy retorts why should he since collegeman has already answered it.

"I am not the only one in the house, so you can answer the phone.." Therein ensued a 5 minute fight replete with name calling and door slamming dealing with the injustices of a having a lazy younger brother and an a-hole older brother. The end result being that highschool boy was the one stuck with talking to Aunt.

"What" he so kindly answered her. Now unbeknownst to brilliant-computersis highschoolboy has undergone a dramatic pubescent change. He no longer sounds like a little boy, he is a hairy, hormonal beast complete with mood swings  and a baritone voice. (No highschoolboy’s bodychanges and functions are not what we sisters usually talk about, so she really was unprepared.) She actually thought it was still collegeman and even challenged highschoolboy on his identity. Needless to say, this did not endear her any further to her already disgruntled nephew. She may not have been able to see the body slump through the phone, but she definitely heard the "my aunt is an idiot tone in the voice."

"Sorry," she said trying to make amends and attempting to interact with her younger nephew. How are you"


"How is school?"


"Anything new?"


Now, not to be out done by a teenager,  brilliant-computersis sensing the disdain that her teenage nephew had for her interruption of his activities, decides to torture him a little longer.

"What are you doing?"

HUGE SIGH, "Homework."

At that point she felt that it was time to abide by the Army Field Manual in dealing with captive combatants and left him off the hook.  Of course, if asked highschoolboy would probably accuse his aunt of CIA like torture in having to talk to her. In fact, what occurred between them was probably the fastest goodbye in the history of western civilization.  By the way, collegeman never did get back on the phone. He had pawned off his aunt to a less powerful humanbeing and he wasn’t about to give up his dominion to anyone, especially his brother.

I started to laugh really hard. I thought it was great. She thought I was nuts. Collegeman never had time for her on the phone and even the fact that he argued with his brother about talking to her, acknowledges that he knew someone should, well as long as it was not him. At least he had an incling of the appropriate form. Of course the fighting while she hung on the phone may not be found in Emily Post  but it wasn’t like they forgot she was there and walked away leaving the phone on the kitchen table. That highschoolboy having been forced to make conversation actually did even if it was in a rather teenage sort of fashion is pretty good. Why brilliant-computersis thinks I get more out of either of them in a conversation than what she did is beyond me.

The whole conversation reminded me of highschoolboy’s favorite book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In the cosmos you never know what to expect and you never really get an answer, just like talking to a teenager. But it is all part of the cosmic game which is played out in our daily lives. We search endlessly for answers to earthly questions concerning "life, the universe and everything" and then when given the answers they make no more sense than the number 42. But for some reason you are overjoyed that you have the answer. Just as you are happy with a conversation no matter how rude, and obnoxious from your teenage aspies because you know somethings are just the way they are supposed to be.