Tuesday, October 1, 2013

WW2 Vets Retake the WW2 Memorial in DC for the People

Arriving at the WW2 Memorial in DC today, these Honor Flight participants found the World War 2 Memorial shuttered due to the government shutdown. Well they decided to hell with the barricades and went right into the memorial anyway. Heck these are the men that landed at Omaha Beach and stormed ashore at Iwo Jima. Did the government really think a few park police gates would keep them away?

No matter who you blame for the infantile nonsense going on in DC, the idea that the monuments that belong to the people are closed is ridiculous. It seems that when things go array in the Capital the ones who pay for it are We the People. The ones that pay the damn taxes. It seems to me that it should be the services that the politicians require that need to be cut first, including all housekeeping staff, cooks, drivers and anything else that makes their lives easier.

h/t Twitchy


UPDATE: Eventually the park police showed up and removed the veterans from the memorial under threat of arrest. According to Honor Flights another group of veteran's from Toledo have been threatened with arrest if they try to come to memorial next week. Do these idiots in Washington understand that this memorial si about these exact same men and not their political fiefdoms?