Friday, October 4, 2013

A Bit of Female Reality

My hot flashes have taken on a life of their own....just sayin'

OK yes its a Poise commercial but hey its funny and oh so true.

Meanwhile here is the fun parts of what being a woman is all about....

And then Britney's new video  came on the screen. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS:

No, I'm not old, nor a prude nor have problems with human sexuality. I just remembered when it wasn't cool for a proud and strong woman to call herself a Bitch, wear leather, and prance around like a dominatrix.

It was about inner strength, fortitude and the right to be respected in society for who you are beyond your gender. I was raised in this era:

Now doesn't that commercial say sexy, strong and self-reliant? No whips, chains, sadomasochistic crap needed.

Yes I know I talk about embracing your inner-bitch. But its a metaphor for standing your ground, fighting the good fight and not caring what someone else thinks when you do what you need to do in order to protect your children. Hopefully, you had figured that out already.