Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome 5774, The Jewish New Year, May the World Find Peace

Apples are the symbol of life and honey...well that's self explanatory.....

This week marks the celebration of the beginning of the universe. According to the sages it was 5774 years ago that God in his infinite wisdom decided to create life. It should be "Creation Week" on TLC. I mean they do run "Shark Week" and that odd program about real-life mermaids.

Meanwhile, science tells us that the universe is actually billions of years old. But despite the disconnect between disciplines, the lessons of Rosh Hashana should not be lost upon humanity. For this holiday is about introspection. We are challenged to think outside our own lives and try to figure out how to make ourselves better people.

Each year humanity is called by the sound of the shofar to awaken out of its slumber. We are challenged to become more than we thought we ever could....

It's 5774: What Do You Stand For? Street Shofar treks across Israel -- from Jerusalem's Old City to military bases, from Bedouin villages to posh suburban parks and hot Tel Aviv night clubs -- bringing the shofar's eternal message of PEACE, UNDERSTANDING and NEW POSSIBILITY. What do YOU stand for? www.ikar-la.org

The meaning of Jewish New Year explained by some hip-hop yeshivaniks....some play a mean guitar

And here's my perennial favorite....


Considering what is going on presently I  am not so certain we will see the world at peace this year. But there is always hope isn't there?

Influential Israeli rabbi writes prayer for the Syrian people

The World? Is Offended by the Use of Chemical Weapons

The Idiots Guide to the Middle East

Obama's Bread and Circuses


May God write all innocents into the Book of Life for a good year....

Shana Tovah Umetukah

h/t Anne's Opinions for some of the videos