Friday, August 16, 2013

When Grumpy Cat Starts to Channel You....

 It's just another average day in special needs parenting land for me.....

Well, at least I now know I am not the only one who makes up scenarios to worry about. However, I'm also not convinced that a little neurosis is always a bad thing. "Be prepared" is not only the Boy Scout motto, it's something I have lived with for decades.

In fact, being prepared for every eventuality is what has kept me on top of my children's' needs throughout the years. Not unexpectedly, the few times I have let my guard down, we got blindsided. Luckily, it always ended up working out in the boys' favor, but I definitely could have done without all the surprises, in addition to the accompanying sleepless nights, anxiety attacks and the trips to the lawyers (Yes even if you are an advocate or a legal professional yourself, you cannot always handle everything alone.)

But then again, maybe coming up with probable eventualities doesn't really make us neurotic after all. Better yet, I think we are just realistic about the world, the issues that need to be faced, the people (known and unknown)  being dealt with and how we need to prepare our children for their future.

That's all. Well that's what I tell myself anyway.