Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Autism as an Excuse for More Criminal Behavior...You Are Not Going to Believe This One

Bad word warning

It is one thing for autistic self-advocates to say that there are simple individual things that some with autism just don't get. It is one thing for autistic self-advocates to say that there should be accommodations and even have some job requirements rewritten for persons with autism. It is one thing for autistic self-advocates to try to tell people what words they can use and how to address a person with autism. I don't have to agree with them on any of these points. In fact longtime readers of this blog know for a fact that I and the autistic self-advocating world generally part company on many issues of concern in the world of autism advocacy.  But I never really get angry about these disagreements, to me they are just simply disagreements. Many on the other side however, do resent that I don't take their word as gospel on how to raise a child on the autism spectrum, but that is their problem. However, I tell you, you are just not going to believe this new nonsense.....

Sadly, there is a new movement afoot among self-advocates (and even some autism-warrior-parents) to excuse pedophilia and child porn among the autism population.  You read that right, pedophilia and  child porn. Quite frankly, this new ill-thought-out and downright nauseating attempt to excuse such vile crimes among the autism population is revolting. Yesterday there appeared an article by Eustacia Cutler in The Daily Beast trying to elicit sympathy for pedophiles who happen to also have autism, and today John Elder Robinson does the same thing in Psychology Today. All I can say is "What the Hell?"

Some autism advocates and self-advocates have just gone overboard. This is beyond jumping the shark. Are they simply out of their freaking minds? Are they really defending autistics who peruse child porn and practice pedophilia? Are we supposed to believe that people with autism are so misbegotten, immature, unsocialized basket cases that they do not know that an adult doesn't "fuck" a 3-year-old or watch 10-year-olds having sex. That is what pedophilia and child porn happen to be. There is no gentle word for this garbage. "Molesting" is some kind of nice-nice way of describing what actually happens. Time we actually discussed pedophilia for what it is. This is exactly what these two advocates are trying to excuse.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the autistic who just can't control themselves or who doesn't want to (in Robinson's words). If you know something is wrong, and continue to do it, that makes it a conscience decision. To continue an illegal and immoral activity on purpose is a crime, no matter how your brain is wired.

I am so furious I can't even see straight. How dare they? How freaking dare they, so belittle my children and anyone else in the autism community that everything now, including raping children is  to be seen as "not the fault" of the perpetrator simply because they have autism. According to these advocates it's compassion and understanding we need for the child rapist because they happen to have an autism spectrum disorder. I'm sure these victims of child rape will be so impressed that their lives were ruined by people for whom society is now supposed to find excuses. How can any thinking person truly say that somehow autistic persons can't understand that child porn and pedophilia are beyond the pale of decency?

Robinson even writes that autistics who commit these crimes should be given different therapies than NTs because their pedophilia is due to different issues. He knows this because why? Scientific studies? Empirical evidence? It couldn't be that the pedophile is just a vile pervert who also happens to have autism. No, according to these advocates, the autism is the guiding principle here.

I am tired of advocates saying, implying, deciding, that everything anyone who has autism does, chooses or acts upon, is only due to their autism. According to these autism advocates it just simply can't be that autistics are singular thinking human beings with rational elastic minds of their own, able to make intelligent informed and appropriate nonautism centered decisions just like any other adult in the entire world. Heaven forbid autism just doesn't define every single person with autism. How revolting, insulting and demeaning to all the good and descent people with autism.

You don't think this could come back to haunt our children? Well think again. I have recently had to deal with some of the backlash from that horrific killing last year in Connecticut. Because of the decidedly unprofessional and ignorant behavior of the national news media, our children are still thought of as violent, out of control, threats to society. I had professors refuse to be alone with my overtly  gentle son, Mr. GS, after that incident.  I have also made certain that I had the boys tested for psychotic tendencies, not because they happen to have mental illness, but to ward off any hate and ignorant attitudes they might come across in their lives.  Am I now supposed to have them tested for pedophilia simply because some creepy scumbag revolting poor excuse for a human being somewhere decided their autism was a way to get out of sex offender crimes and these autism-(self)-advocates support this model of thinking? Watch when the call goes out that those with autism have to be barred from certain professions....keep this crap up, defending perverts, and it will happen, mark my words.

How dare anyone try to take from my boys the life they as individuals have worked hard to establish. How dare anyone out there decide that it is OK to use autism as an excuse for vile crimes. How dare anyone start an avalanche that will lead to my children being ridiculed, ostracized and alienated because of their autism. My sons have enough to contend with in their lives and the fights they have to fight on a daily basis to ensure their rightful place in society. They certainly don't need this bullshit.

No I am not going to link to these two articles. You can Google them. That is how I found them once I heard about them.

Meanwhile, here is the comment I left for John Elder Robinson:

Sorry John but you are making excuses for reprehensible behavior. I am tired of the excuse of "autism" for criminality. Autism is NOT the cause of every choice an autistic person makes...you should know that and to promote anything else is disingenuous.

It's also insulting to say that autistics cannot control themselves, that they are infantile. The flip side of being a wholly independent adult is to accept the consequences of your actions. By trying to find excuses for those with autism who commit reprehensible crimes you take from the autistic their actual rights as human beings to make their own choices, decisions and lead their lives as they wish. You infantilize my sons as well as every other adult on the spectrum. You should know better and be alot more circumspect.

As a parent of two youngmen with aspergers, you can rest assured that my children know right from wrong. Morals, ethics, including a talk about sexuality which includes teaching them about the criminality associated with certain relationships is not anathema to the autistic mind. Healthy adults, autistic or otherwise, are sexually attracted to other adults. Those that are not have issues not associated with autism.

For heavens sake why does this even have to be said to you of all people? Tell us, did you not know that child porn was bad? Did you not teach your son? Did you not know relationships with children are prohibitive, does not your son?

Furthermore, your supposition that autistics who are child predators can be treated differently than NT predators is flawed. How do you know this? What evidence do you have that their pedophilia is actually caused by their autism and not that they are simply perverts?  Everything you write is to excuse disgusting behavior that has no excuse.

Your excuses for pedophilia among some autistics will lead society to believe that all autistic are a threat and have no right to live in the world and be seen as equal persons. As an autism-warrior-parent I fight daily the society's media induced supposition that autism and violence like that perpetrated in CT are linked. Why do you add this crap to the fire and make society terrified of our children on another level?

Can't wait for some self-righteous shmuck to call me an ablest evil bitch again because I think that autistics are smart, morally, and ethically able to stand up for what is right in our society and to not make autism an excuse for  criminal behavior, especially pedophilia. Wait for it...