Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Doggie Deep Pressure?

In all honesty, my little bichon has had a myriad of mental health issues since we bought her in a pet store. I know this all stems from being born in a puppy mill. Our other two dogs, which were breeder born and bred, suffer from no or very little anxiety. OK, the labradoodle is more poodle than labra and that has something to do with his being high string, but his mental state is also anything but lacking in self esteem or fear. For him its more about trying to be the king of the mansion and not being allowed to be alpha dog..."alpha dog" belongs to me, or as Mr. GS refers to me "Supervisor."

Anyway I bought the bichon a thundershirt, which is supposed to make the dog feel secure and safe during a thunderstorm. The poor little doggie would shake like a leaf during storms. Actually she shakes like a leaf whenever anything new or different happens or if she thinks hubby is going to take her outside to go "potty." Don't ask, I don't know why.

Anyway yesterday during some really bad storms I put on her new thundershirt. Not only was she fine, her entire personality has changed. Suddenly she is overwhelmingly happy. She doesn't shake and quite frankly seems very content. Instead of burying her head in her blanket or into the side of a pillow, she keeps her head up and looks out alert to the world around her. Heavens to Betsy....I am leaving on the thundershirt for the rest of her life. Only taking it off to was it when it starts to smell.

Yes its pink because she is a girl. Yes we follow modern color gender identification. My bad.

Now deep pressure has been proven to help calm persons with autism. When the boys were little they used to sit with huge animal like beanbags across their laps. Today parents can buy weighted vests for their children. How amazing that the deep pressure that helps our children helps out animals as well.

Who woulda thunk it. But why the hell not?