Thursday, June 27, 2013

Today I am Reminded That While Sheldon Loves Trains, He Does Fly Without Incident

As anyone who reads this blog knows, Mr. GS self-identifies with Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. He sees so much of himself in that character that he even picks-up some of Sheldon's idiosyncrasies to emulate. Case in point: Sheldon's love of trains.

Honestly I have no problem with Sheldon's love of trains. No really I don't. If it gives Mr. GS a tickle to love trains too, well that's fine with me. In fact, "love of trains" has made the transition into his graduate program in NYC go all the more smoothly. See, Mr. GS has to commute in by train and if Sheldon loves trains then Mr. GS without too much bother can handle the commuter train. Also, interestingly, the para told me that apparently today my son decided that he had to take the subway to class instead of a cab. A subway is a train afterall.

We (his very protective parents)  had been concerned about him taking the subway because of all the sensory issues involved. Plus how much transition was he supposed to go through in such a short period of time?  Commuter train, new school, new people, new regime and the New York City subway system too? Well on ward and upward, or should I say, down into the bowels of Manhattan they went. Mr. GS and the para rode the subway. And yes the subway ride not only went well, Mr. GS loved it. So not bad, not bad at all. Kudos to Mr. GS.

However, the train thing does get a little dicey when we talk about going to visit my mother in Florida. Luckily last year we had frequent flier miles and one thing Mr. GS does understand is to be a little economical. Well sort some way.... even though I don't really think he understands the value of a dollar. But if we tell him we can economize on something he goes with it. It seems that being frugal saved a character in one of the books he had to read for his Holocaust minor and the thought stuck with him.

Meanwhile in discussing another trip to Florida for over the upcoming Christmas break, the idea of the car-train on Amtrack came up. Again I have nothing against trains, but 24 hours with all of us cramped together in one small compartment is not what I call a  vacation. Heck, the boys have their moments of sibling disillusion in our house and they have their own offices into which to retreat.

So I get this rather silly idea to tweet Bill Prady, one of the creators of The Big Bang Theory. I follow him on twitter and I thought what the heck. So I sent this out:  "son identifies with Sheldon. Now insists on only going by train to Fla from NY. Plz have Sheldon fly w/o incident. Tyvm"

and I immediately received this reply:

I doubt Mr. Prady understood that the son in question is an almost 23 year old graduate STEM student, but you never know considering the show's familiarity with aspergers. All I can say is a big THANK YOU. I had forgotten that Sheldon did fly back and forth without incident to visit his mother in Texas. Now at least I have some ammunition to tell Mr. GS if he thinks about going by rail to Florida. I know for a fact that Sheldon would have flown.

Wish me luck.


Update: After Mr. Gs returned home from school, I offhandedly mentioned to him about how Sheldon traveled by air to see his mother in Texas. He needed me to explain which episode that was from. But once he remembered he was fine. In fact he responded "good to know."  Looks like I get to fly back and forth from NY to Florida during Christmas...Hoorah.