Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ignorant Bill Maher Calls Trig Palin the "R" Word...Main Stream Media and Leftwing Politicos Silent

It just amazes me how eight years after Sarah Palin became the GOP Vice-Presidential nominee, left-wing haters still cannot control their Palin Derangement Syndrome. Honestly after all these years I haven't figured out why they keep that up anyway. It is time for Leftist-losers to move on and recognize that the VP that won is an intellectually-challenged individual who runs his mouth without any actual thought whatsoever. Moreover it would be one thing if they stuck to picking on Sarah Palin, an adult. In American you have the right to disagree with what others say and can challenge them on any level you want. But somehow these comedian-losers have no one else to pick on but  Palin's son with down syndrome.

I have talked about Bill Maher (along with his left-wing compatriots plus one particular conservative radio-pundit) and his vile use of language to discuss women he disagrees with (here, here). However, the latest ignorance coming out of Maher is to refer to Trig Palin using the "R" word. The really disgusting aspect of this is how the audience at his show laughed. America really needs to grow up.

I have yet to understand how anyone with any functioning brain stem would find picking on a child with a developmental disability to be funny. I don't understand how anyone finds bullying, denigration and dehumanization of another person to be comic fodder. I don't see how these perverted insults  adds to the humanness of the Artistic  community. A community that pridefully announces how they are dedicated to social justice causes. I definitely can't see how it adds to the betterment of humankind.

No I didn't stay silent myself. Yes I sent Maher a tweet:

I don't expect anything worthwhile to come out of Maher about this issue. Cowards who pick on children, especially children with disabilities,  generally run from adult confrontation. It actually takes brain synapses to have an intelligent political conversation. An obvious level of intellect that Maher and those like him lack.

Yes of course Sarah fought back, just like any parent would HERE

But my question is where are all the groups that screamed and yelled when Rush called Fluke a "slut." Where is the #StopMaher movement by the Left? Where is the "Rush-equivalent-movement"  to throw Maher off the air, or for The Palms to cancel his show, by Media Matters and Think Progress? Where is the DNC, that castigated Rush, on Maher's bullying of a small child? I guess if you give 1 million dollars to the President's re-election campaign the self-righteous Left gives you a pass even when you bully and denigrate a helpless, defenseless child with a disability.

Compassionate Left my ass.

Makes you think doesn't it?


P.S. No I can't stand Rush myself. But I despise hypocrites even more.