Thursday, June 13, 2013

Challenging the Self-Righteous Know-it-Alls Among Us

Interesting discussion about the recent case involving the child with CF who was denied a lung transplant because of her age. Apparently over at Commentary Magazine they are not all that pleased with the outcome, read  HERE. Yes I left a comment, and surprisingly they posted it.

Of course then someone responded that wanting a transplant for this girl was not thinking of others, that the family was gaming the system and that this selfishness is what passed for 21st century ethics. I replied that the family is not gaming the system. They were getting their daughter the help she was entitled to. That if they want to sacrifice their child for the benefit of the collective then so be it, but that I was going to fight tooth and nail for my children no matter what the issue. That 21st century ethics means that everyone is considered an equal person and that no one is an undermenchen. Don't know if the reply was posted. Update: as of now(4pm) it has not been.

Instead I had a rather interesting discussion with the post's author on twitter. She, in a petulant and pedantic and rather bratty manner, told me I was ignorant about transplants. Then blocked me because I called her out on her nastiness and self-righteous attitude.

Listen I do know that the author is an Orthodox Jew, so I told her that hashem is not going to look kindly upon her attitude and it might come back to haunt her one day. She said I cursed her and that she was not going to talk to me anymore. I suppose in her mind its OK for her to want to deny children with CF transplants because other more appropriate candidates exist,  but me mentioning in a very round about way that she is being a bitch, well I guess that got her annoyed. Alright, maybe I wasn't that round about it after all. But then again I don't take kindly to people thinking those with special needs are lesser human beings. I did use the word undermenchen, which probably also upset her. OK yeah I used it on purpose. My bad.

Now I never said I know anything beyond what I read about transplants in brochures and in news stories. I do not know anything beyond what I read about how special needs children are routinely denied transplants because they have special needs. But I do know that government regulations can and due lag behind medical reality. I do know that the medical profession also doesn't know everything and is willing to sacrifice innocent people to prove their points.

Somehow the author's idea that simply because a family had not thought of the idea to sue the federal government to change the list protocols before this case means everyone has been happy with the way things were. I told her that as a parent of two special needs boys I know that not everyone has the money to sue and most families probably didn't even think they could.  I bet most were scared of the blowback from the transplant doctors for their child if they did sue. That she never answered.

I also asked her if everyone was so happy with the way things were how come families are now being asked to move onto the adult list? That is when she told me I was ignorant because there was only one list. Very adult of her, wouldn't you say? That is when I told her she was being pedantic and petulant. She also never answered that actual point of why are people asking to redesignate their children either if everyone was oh so happy with the present system.

I also mentioned that the only thing the case did was create an appeals process so families can try to get their children listed as adolescents. She was carrying on as if the judge went and rewrote the entire transplant protocol rules, which he did not. She was carrying on how the entire system has to have everything rewritten and all the protocols and patient information has to be recalculated and the transplant system is about to crash because of what this judge did. She, of course, never answered that question either.

Nope she just blocked me. But then again I remember that I once had a discussion with this author and a tweind about the tweind's newly adopted child. The child had been converted by a conservative rabbi rather than an orthodox rabbi. She told the tweind that means her child isn't really Jewish. I suppose the self-righteous never really do change their attitudes do they?