Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brave New World? Apparently a New Untermenchen Law is on the Way

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Well lookie here apparently conservatives are none too happy with the fact that a young girl with cystic fibrosis received lungs and is now not going to drown in her own saliva. Fancy that. These same people rail against the fact that her parents went to court to over turn an outdated regulation that the government had no problem leaving in place. A regulation that would have taken over two years to review.  It seems that according to these self-important individuals parents of children with disabilities are supposed to let their children die for the good of society so “more deserving” people can receive transplants. Of course an interesting aside of this argument, or rather the immature aside, is when those that disagree with the self-righteous holier-than-thou-conservatives of the transplant coin (me for instance) are called ignorant, asinine and told to go to hell. I guess people get a little testy when being called out for channeling their inner Josef Mengele. (Read HERE my discussion of an argument I had with a blogger who writes for a well know conservative magazine. To put it mildly, she did not take kindly to me not agreeing with her position.)

The self-same anti-Obamacare adherents, who think that the government has no right to control your life, resent that the girl’s parents went outside the normal regulations and asked a judge to disqualify the offending reg which would have led to her death. Funny how those people who rail against government intrusion into the lives of people, “death panels”  and Obamacare, also think that no one has a right to go against the grain to get rid of offending laws or regulations. Or more to the point, perhaps they think only those who are considered able-bodied both physically and mentally are allowed to pursue life. Hence those who do not have what they consider to be an appropriate, accepted “normal” future or “neurotypical” synapses have no right to life and should just do the world a favor and not exist at all.

Of course a woman could just have had an abortion if the baby has a known disability but those on the right fight virulently against abortion. Perhaps according to the self-righteous-right these untermenchen should be allowed to be born but then not be given life saving surgeries, healthcare, support and above all respect by humanity as a whole?

While the feminist movement still carries “the cross” that it’s a woman’s body and her uterus alone that is important in the abortion decision, (something wholly disproved by modern science as babies are shown to feel pain by the 5th month of gestation) a side effect of abortion has been the dwindling of the visibly disabled population in areas with first-world-medical care. It is well documented that over 98% of all babies diagnosed with down syndrome are aborted.

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