Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Team Tesla versus Team Edison

One of the more interesting aspects of parenting children with non-typical interests is the discussions that you have daily in your household. CM2 offhandedly mentioned to me that he happened to be on Team Tesla.  It was not part of any discussion we had been having or anything we were doing at the time. In fact, it was not part of the moment except for what was happening inside CM2's rather big brain. Fortunately, without missing a beat, I was able to join in his "personal discussion" for luckily, this was not the first time I had ever heard of how Nicola Tesla was cheated and maligned by Thomas Edison.

In truth, Tesla is somewhat of a folk hero of aspergean proportions. A genius who didn't quite get the schmoozing part of being an inventor. An individual who tended to annoy and alienate those who were best able to see to his financial well being. Tesla, I would say, is a cautionary tale told to the brilliant but socially clueless of today.

I also have to say that I am partial to Tesla because I rather enjoyed the SyFy show Sanctuary which prominently featured a character based upon Nicola Tesla.

Meanwhile, I mentioned how the next pet that we adopt, we should name that pet Tesla since we are on Team Tesla as opposed to Team Edison. It was a rather innocuous remark made with the best intentions. Well I have to say it began a search for truth and honesty by Mr. GS. Here is the email I just received:

Dear Elise Ronan,
    I have accidentally looked up articles that shows how your "Team Tesla" idea should be reexamined based on the information provided in them. The links are below and I expect you to look at them if you are open minded enough like any adult should be. Here are the links:


    Whatever opinion you have after reading these articles, I guess we can say that the Tesla vs Edison debate and the controversies surrounding it will always invite different opinions from whoever reads them for years to come. All we can do is read these and other articles and decide for ourselves what is the right course to take regarding your "Team Tesla" idea. Thank you for your time.

Mr. GS

Yes, I read all the links and can see the controversy does not always have a definitive answer.

I still want to name the next pet after Team Tesla.

I love how when he is serious my oldest refers to me by my proper name instead of "mom."

Mr. GS needs to start his masters program really really really soon.