Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Sanctimonious Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Homemakers Insulted Yet Again On So Many Levels

There was something of a kerfuffle recently when a former Princeton graduate wrote a letter to her alumni newspaper telling the young women who are attending that school to basically get their hooks into a man now because they will never have a better opportunity to find their intellectual equals out in the real world. HERE No offense to Princeton graduates but you truly are not the smartest people on the planet. No ivy leaguer happens to be, no matter what their colleges tell them.

In truth the smartest people out there are the parents who fight tooth and nail to raise a child with special needs. Most don't have ivy league educations. Most don't have the incomes that come with an ivy league education. Many don't have any higher education whatsoever. But what sets these parents apart, is their tenacity and their ability to ensure that their children have a future and that these children thrive within a world not ready to accept them for who they happen to be. Strength of purpose is stronger, coupled with fortitude and the human desire to protect ones young is a more formidable characteristic of intellect than any sheepskin or college robe.

Now that is not to say the ivy leaguers or college graduates for that matter, aren't a smart lot. They are. They just aren't smarter, nor more capable, than the rest of us, that is all.

Apparently this letter not only set off a bit of a firestorm here in the US, but a recent article in The Guardian (the UK's left-wing progressive anti anything that smacks of western civilization newspaper especially if it smacks of American or Israeli exceptionalism) posted an article in response to the Princeton mom's letter by one Kelly Goff. She writes that if you attended an ivy league or highly ranked college, as a woman you have an obligation to remain in the workforce. Sisterhood crap and all that. Read HERE.

The Wall Street Journal's, James Taranto, does do a nice job of taking Ms. Goff apart piece by piece. Read HERE.

The comments were closed on The Guardian piece by the time I got to it, so I left the following comment at WSJ.

I wonder what Ms. Goff would have thought of me. I was already married when I entered a highly ranked law school. I didn't enter to meet a man to marry but, like most women, to get an education that allowed me a CHOICE about my future. That I should use my education and my intellect  to raise my own children is anathema to these feminists. For some reason according to feminists I should hire only uneducated persons to raise my children (because raising children is a waste of an educated mind), as if that adds to the productivity of society or is beneficial to children. The problem with feminists, and why so many women reject their ideology, is that they, like most liberal-progressives, are patronizing, pedantic and quite frankly self-righteous and extraordinarily self-centered. With them its about "me, me, me." The idea that you have an allegiance and a loyalty to your own flesh and blood, to someone outside your own importance, is something they simply cannot fathom.

In life you owe no political philosophy your allegiance unless that philosophy adds to your well-being and the well-being of those around you. The fact that feminism teaches women that the important point in life is to not bother actually raising the children you give birth to, but fostering some kind of money-producing job opportunity is repugnant. That somehow your worth as a woman is only valued by the amount of dollars you earn, not for the productive and happy humanbeings you raise.
The reality of life however, is very different. Once you give birth to your children THEY and not some esoteric truly nonexistent sisterhood is who is important. Your allegiance goes to your child and their welfare first and foremost.

That feminists can't see the beauty of raising your own children, is sad. In fact I feel sorry for them that they still after all these decade have no idea what is truly meaningful about life.

As I have always noted, I am not a feminist, but a women's right activist. As far as I am concerned, feminism has morphed into something that has betrayed the majority of women in this world. For some reason the only issues that feminists rail about today is abortion, birth control and being given a pass simply because one is born with a vagina. We are not interested in some false flag reproductive rights nonsense, that basically also says its perfectly OK to murder a child if it is inconvenient to birth them, these children have a disability or quite frankly if they are girls (gendercide). There is an element of personal responsibility missing from today's discussion about abortion rights and humanity. There is a lack of a discussion about morality and ethics in today's feminism that was not there decades ago.

Case in point of the missing moral component: The refusal to report on and discuss the Gosnell clinic of horrors by liberal newspapers, webzines and news channels, is prime example of ignoring the reality of late-term abortion. It was not until a liberal commentator actually expressed disdain for her journalisto associates that anyone even said anything. But then in true fashion of sidestepping the real issues, as was done in Salon, Gosnell was used as a segway about abortion rights, welfare and government funded contraception, along with a self-righteous whoopdeedo about how terrific these journolistos happen to be. Then of course they opined with the old mantra..."It's your body and yours alone"....sadly especially by the third trimester (if not by late second trimester), science has proven that not to be the case, hence the moral and ethical conundrum.

Whether its because science has evolved along with our understanding of nature or as some feminists would have you believe, its because of politicking by the anti-abortion advocates, no one knows for certain (apparently according to the feminist movement the average woman is also too stupid to know the difference). What is for certain is that the more dogmatic a movement becomes about its purpose, refuses to accept the moral conundrum of choices made, the more they lose their honesty and following.

Women truly are more than the sum of their lady-parts, something today's feminists seem to have forgotten. We worry about putting food on the table, a roof over our children's heads and clothes on their backs. Women are concerned that our children should get the proper education that will allow them to succeed in our 21st century highly technological world. We worry that our children will have a future similar to our own past standard of living. We worry about nuclear war, terror, gun violence and bullying of all kinds. We worry about creating a kinder and gentler world that our children should inherit. These are women's real issues.

Feminists need to come down to Earth and deal with reality. I also have yet to meet any women today who actually went to school merely to meet a future husband. Even in my day you went to school to get an education so you could take care of yourself and your children if need be. You went to school to help add to a family income if need be. You went to school because you wanted a career. You went to school because you wanted the right to choose your future. That I met the hubby in college was an anomaly. Not par for the course back then and it certainly isn't par for the course today, over 31 years later.

Life has a way of creating choices for us that we didn't see coming. It is, and will always be, the measure of our own humanity how well we handle the forks in the road, while standing up for what is right and just along the way. And no one, no political philosophy, no sanctimonious "sisterhood of the traveling pants" has a right to decide how someone else should handle life's choices, whether its raising our own children, deciding whom and when to marry, whether or not to build a career or how to use our college education.