Friday, April 26, 2013

"Big Bang Theory" Discussed and Philosophized, "Heavens to Betsy," It's Just Funny

Found these articles about The Big Bang Theory at Volokh Conspiracy. Not usual for a law blog to discuss the machinations of TV's most loveable nerds. Usually these legal eagles go off on a diatribe about some esoteric point of law about which no one except some annal retentive lawyers actually care. Yet knowing legal esquires like I do, most of them (at least the good ones) are more neurotic and obsessive compulsive than any of the characters we have ever met on BBT.

Meanwhile read the posts. Leave them a comment if you like. (I did, but of course) It's really all in good fun. But part of me can't help thinking that some of what these "critics" wrote is them actually being serious.

"The Big Bang Theory" Meets Its Maker

Big Bangers Indeed

By the way, in my humble opinion, the person who has grown the most on BBT is not any of the sciencey folk, but neurotypical Penny. Just a thought.