The Campaign

For the second consecutive year Friendship Circle is holding the Great Bike Giveaway, a national contest giving away adaptive bikes to children with special needs. We are partnering with bike companies from around the U.S. to provide some of the best adaptive bikes to the children and young adults who need them most.


1. Choose Your Bike

Each of the bike sponsors have their own dedicated pages. Browse through the five different types of adaptive bikes available, decide which which bike will best fit your child’s needs and choose which of the sponsored bike drawings you would like to enter.

2. Submit (April 15th-May 12th)

The bike pages have a space where you can enter the contest. Submit a picture of your child with special needs along with a short explanation (250 character maximum) why your child needs an adaptive bike.

3. Nomination (April 15th-May 12th)

Once a submission has been approved the participant will need to be nominated by 50 friends and family members to be entered in the drawing.
On each bike page you will see the name and picture of all submitted entries. From this page you can click on the picture and nominate them or share the page to encourage more nominations.

4. Drawing (May 13th – Tentative date)

A drawing will be held for each prize to determine the winners of the bikes. Only those with 50 nominations will be eligible.

Director’s Choice Prize

In Addition to the drawing, five additional entries will be selected as Director’s Choice Winners. These winners will be chosen by the Great Bike Giveaway Contest Coordinator and will each receive a $500 Gift Registry courtesy of Tadpole Adaptive towards an adaptive bike.

Spread the word to add more bikes to the Great Bike Giveaway!

Individuals have the ability to donate toward each bike in the Great Bike Giveaway to get more bikes added. Every time the donation meter on a particular bike page is filled another bike gets added to that drawing!